The Lighthouse

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The Lighthouse
Location Mercury
Landing Zone Yes
Adventures The Up and Up, Bug in the System, The Runner
Lost Sectors Pariah's Refuge
Chests Yes
Material Nodes Yes
Public Events Vex Crossroads
Region Chests 5
Connections Infinite Forest
Vendors Brother Vance
The Lighthouse is a Sector of Mercury's patrol zone in Destiny 2. It is the only region of Mercury located on its exterior.


The Lighthouse is set on Mercury. It is part of the Curse of Osiris expansion.

At the Lighthouse, players can find the vendor Brother Vance in a room only accessible by Vex portals on the north end of the region. He will sell Lost Prophecies - items that require certain items to be collected for their completion. With a complete Lost Prophecy, players will have to talk to Brother Vance once more. This will allow them to use The Forge and create Mercury-specific weapons for themselves.

At the south end of this region lies the entrance to the Infinite Forest. The middle of the region is the location of the Vex Crossroads Public Event, and groups of Vex and Red Legion units patrol the remainder of this sector.

Lighthouse Region Chest Puzzle

When you enter the room containing Brother Vance, there is a gate with a Region Chest behind it underneath the middle walkway on the left. (Hunters can see it on their mini map). To open this gate you need to find 5 books with glowing symbols on them. Must be done in order.

  1. Go to Brother Vance and find the Compelling Book, a book with a glowing yellow symbol on it, on the left table. Examine it, and you will be told to "Seek another Sign of Osiris."
  2. The second book, the Marked Book, is on a bookshelf on the wall to the right when you enter.
  3. The third book, the Aged Book, is directly right when facing the entry gate, on the front wall.
  4. The fourth book, the Curious Book, is on a table across from the second symbol.
  5. The final book, the Significant Book, is on the far left wall up high - there is a shelf jutting out to jump up on.
  6. Last there will be a conflux that spawns near the fourth symbol, with its appearance preceded by the message "Decryption conflux activated". Interact with it and the wall comes down, indicated by the message "Firewall decrypted!"

If 30s elapses between completions of each step, the puzzle will reset, indicated by the message "The window of opportunity closes..." (This also occurs some time after the puzzle is solved.)

Other Region Chests

The second region chest is outside the Lighthouse, on its northern side.

The third chest is in the southern portion of the sector. Head south to the entrance of The Infinite Forest, then climb up the right sloped wall above the entrance to find the chest.

The last two chests can only be accessed during the Vex Crossroads Public Event. When Guardians are sent to the middle of the sector by the first Vex cannon, they need to kill the Gatekeeper and get the orb to where it needs to be. Then, they need to start looking for floating Vex objects to shoot. Destroying them will spawn floating platforms players can traverse.

  • One of the chests is on the eastern island, lying on the ground.
  • The other is on top of an arch on the western island.