The Forge

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The Forge is a device on Mercury that allows the creation of special Weapons.


The Forge can be found in The Lighthouse social space on Mercury. It is part of the Curse of Osiris expansion pack for Destiny 2.

The Forge can be used to create 11 different weapons. In order to do so, players must first complete Lost Prophecies, which are acquired from Brother Vance. Upon completion of a Lost Prophecy, players must simply walk up to The Forge and craft the weapon.

  • In order to gain access to Lost Prophecies and the Forge itself, players must first complete a Heroic Adventure on Mercury. This requires completion of the main Curse of Osiris Campaign and the three basic Adventures.

All weapons crafted in that manner will have Vex and Mercury-themed modifications.

The Wall

Right next to The Forge, there is a wall with eleven symbols on it. When a player crafts a weapon through The Forge, the corresponding symbol for that weapon will light up on the wall. This allows players to track how many of the available weapons they have forged.