Pariah's Refuge

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Pariah's Refuge
Location Mercury
Sector The Lighthouse
Enemy Type Vex
Bosses Subterranean Mind (Minotaur)
Pariah's Refuge is a Lost Sector in The Lighthouse. It is the only Lost Sector in the Fields of Glass patrol zone on Mercury.


Pariah's Refuge is located in the southeast corner of the Lighthouse. Take the staircase down and you will enter into huge ruins occupied by Vex. Eliminate nearby Goblins and Harpies and follow the path till you get to the barrier. Kill all of the ads to drop it and proceed up the stairs to find Subterranean Mind, backed by a couple of Hobgoblins. Use your Super to clear them out quickly and don't forget to take the chest located in the back of the room.

Additional Information


The entrance to the Pariah's Refuge Lost Sector in The Lighthouse.
The final room in Pariah's Refuge.
Subterranean Mind. The boss of Pariah's Refuge.