Fields of Glass

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Fields of Glass is a patrol zone on Mercury. Only owners of Curse of Osiris can access this patrol zone.


Following the end of the Red War and after the reactivation of the Traveler, the Vex began moving forward with their plan to try to manipulate reality through the Vault of Glass. The Cabal that survived the Red Legion have also attempted to move against the Vex and take over the planet, but have wound up in a standstill. Ikora Rey has issued Guardians to the planet to find Osiris before the Vex can.


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Sectors in Fields of Glass

SectorPatrol BeaconsChestsRegion ChestsScannable ObjectsMaterial NodesLanding ZoneConnectionsAdventuresLost SectorsPublic EventsSecret Public EventsStory MissionsStrikesWorld Quests
Atlas GroveSimulant PresentTree of ProbabilitiesTree of Probabilities
Gardener's SpireSimulant PastA Garden WorldA Garden World
Infinite ForesttrueThe Lighthouse
Simulant Past
Simulant Present
Simulant Future
Bug in the System
The Up and Up
The Runner
Infinity's CrownInfinite ForestOmega
Simulant FutureInfinite ForestThe Up and Up
Simulant PastInfinite Forest
Gardener's Spire
Bug in the System
Simulant PresentInfinite ForestThe Runner
The Lighthousetrue5truetrueInfinite ForestThe Up and Up
Bug in the System
The Runner
Pariah's RefugeVex Crossroads Public Event