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Type Story Mission
Number 25
Location Mercury
Recommended Power 230
Description It's now or never. Enter the Infinite Forest and defeat Panoptes now, before the Vex future victory becomes inevitable.
Enemy Types Vex, Cabal, Fallen, Hive
Bosses Panoptes, Infinite Mind
Prerequisite Completion of Story Mission A Garden World.
Previous A Garden World
Omega is the final Story Mission, introduced with the Curse of Osiris expansion.

After completing the previous mission, A Garden World, this mission becomes available to play once the player has talked to Ikora Rey in The Tower. The mission flag is located in The Lighthouse sector, in front of the gateway leading to the Infinite Forest, and bears the following description: "Enter the Infinite Forest and defeat Panoptes now, before a Vex victory becomes inevitable."


The mission begins next to the mission flag with Ikora waiting in front of the Infinite Forest gateway. Approach it, and she will force it open so you can pass through into the Infinite Forest proper.

Once in the Forest, make your way across the platforms and kill the Daemons there to activate the next section of platforms. Repeat this while contending with any combination of Vex, Fallen, Cabal and/or Hive forces until you reach the gate leading to Panoptes, Infinite Mind. Pass through the gate to enter Infinity's Crown.

Panoptes, once it appears, will not try to kill you itself. Instead, it will spawn a huge number of regular enemies for you to deal with. Kill them all until the first of several Proxies spawns, Achronos, Infinite Proxy (a Major Minotaur). Then, destroy the Proxy to activate a cannon.

Take the cannon to the first of three smaller platforms. Panoptes will spawn several Fallen units - kill them all to activate the cannon to the next platform. The second and third platforms operate similarly, but with Cabal and Hive units instead of Fallen units. The last platform's cannon leads to the primary boss arena.

At the final platform, Panoptes will initially launch a large wave of Fallen. Kill them, and eventually the second Proxy will spawn, called Taldriks, Infinite Proxy (a Major Captain). Kill the Proxy to proceed.

With the Proxy down, Panoptes will attempt to erase you from the Infinite Forest. Thankfully, Osiris and his reflections will arrive just in time to save you from this terrible fate.

With Panoptes focusing on Osiris, it is now time to act quickly. Take the nearby lift to find an arc charge, grab the charge, and take it to the conflux ahead. You will be taking damage while doing this, so make sure to be quick.

With the charge deposited, Osiris will teleport you to a nearby platform. Put a shot with whatever weapon you want into Panoptes' eye until the boss is reduced below 2/3rds health, at which point it will blast you away afterward and the whole process will reset.

Panoptes will then launch a large wave of Hive. Clear them out until the third Proxy, Ergoth, Infinite Proxy (a Major Knight), spawns, then kill the Proxy to start another arc-charge phase. Complete the phase for another chance to damage its eye, allowing you to reduce its health down to 1/3rd health (or lower if using a high-impact Power Weapon) before being blasted away once more.

Once the second arc-charge phase is completed, Panoptes will spawn a wave of Cabal units, then flee. Use the Vex cannons to give chase, but keep in mind that there will be heavy Vex resistance along the way, including a large group of Axis Goblins and the final Proxy, Alecto, Infinite Proxy (a Major Hydra). Destroying this Proxy will trigger the final arc-charge phase, and delivering the arc charge will give you one last chance at the eye of Panoptes - destroy it now to conclude the mission as well as the Curse of Osiris campaign.


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