The Mad Bomber

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The Mad Bomber
Type Story Mission
Location Tangled Shore
Previous The Trickster
Next The Hangman

The Mad Bomber is a Story Mission introduced with the Forsaken expansion.

Mission Walkthrough

The sixth mission of the Forsaken expansion takes place at the Tangled Shore. The main objective of this mission is to defeat The Mad Bomber.

The mission starts you off with a dialogue with the Bomber where he claims that he has got a gift for you and that you must find it and therefore open it. In order to find the gift, follow the waypoints down the cave nearby and once you arrive at it you will find out that there is no gift. Instead of a gift, you are greeted by hordes of exploding Screebs and Raiders. After you have defeated all the enemies, the Bomber will appear and your next objective is to secure the bomb he just planted.

In order to do so, you will have to defend the area while you are staying on the platform below the bomb. After you have defused the bomb, hop onto a Sparrow and follow the waypoints to the next objective until you have reached High Plains. Here you will want to go along the cave and find the ships of the Bomber. Your current objective will be to defeat three War Chieftains. Be careful because they can deal a lot of damage and they have pretty power shields. In order to maximize your chances of completing this, you can use special weapons.

After defeating them, you will once again have to defuse mines. Hop onto the platform and defend the ground while the progress bar fills up. Defuse the bombs and then get inside the crater and into the portal that the Bomber will leave. Follow the waypoints through the caves until you have reached a Restricted Zone.

Be careful now because you have reached the boss fight with The Mad bomber. After you have chunked nearly half of his health, he will once again place a bomb that you must defuse. After doing so, defeat him by using your supercharge or special weapons.

In order to complete this mission, defeat The Mad Bomber.

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