In Search of Answers

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In Search of Answers
Type Story Mission
Number 00000
Location The Moon
Recommended Power 760
Description  ?????
Enemy Types Hive
Bosses Nightmare of Gothrax
Previous A Mysterious Disturbance
Next Ghosts of Our Past
In Search of Answers is a Story Mission introduced with the Shadowkeep expansion.

It is part of the Shadowkeep Story Missions.

Mission Walkthrough

The second mission of the Shadowkeep Expansion, just like the first one, takes place on the Moon. Be advised that this is a short mission in which you will have to defeat enemies in order to gain more intel for the following up missions. Right after you start the mission, you will want to summon a vehicle because your objective is to investigate the strange Hive behavior near the Scarlett Keep. Summoning a vehicle is key if you do not want to waste any time while going through the large maps Destiny 2 has to offer.

First, follow up the waypoints and wander deeper into the cave until you reach the ritual spot of the Hive. Before getting there, make sure to deal with the Wizards and Acolytes near the objective that can be killed easily. In front of the keep's entrance, you will encounter Nightmare of Gothrax, Swarm Protector and some less powerful enemies which will require some time to take out. While taking him out, be aware that his accomplices will drop Phantasmal Particles which are required for the mission. In order to find all of the particles, you must defeat another site with the same enemies. Another one will spawn nearby, at this point you might have your supercharged ready and this is the best time to use it. If you do not, again, focus on the smaller enemies and make sure that you have equipped your most powerful weapons.

After acquiring all the particles, follow the waypoint and get up to the cliff. In order to finish the mission, wait until the dialogue with Eris Morn is done.

Mission Reward

  • ?????
  • ?????

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