A Mysterious Disturbance

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A Mysterious Disturbance
Type Story Mission
Number 00000
Location The Moon
Recommended Power 760
Description  ?????
Enemy Types Hive
Bosses Nightmare of Crota
Previous Dark Monastery
Next In Search of Answers
A Mysterious Disturbance is a Story Mission introduced with the Shadowkeep expansion.

It is part of the Shadowkeep Story Missions.

Mission Walkthrough

The first mission of the Shadowkeep expansion takes place on the surface of Moon. After the cinematic, your first objective is to follow the waypoint to the facilities and investigate what is going on. After you arrive, pick up the heavy ammo in order to obliterate the upcoming waves of Hive enemies. Defeat all of them in order to complete the first objective of the mission.

After doing so, follow the waypoints and defeat the Acolytes and the rest of the enemies on your way to the Portal. Once you reach it, you will have to drain out all the six sigils. In order to do so, make sure to pick up the special ammo in order to kill the upcoming hordes of enemies quickly. This will take a while, so be careful and remember to prioritize the smaller enemies over the large ones. After you have drained all the sigils, destroy the Eye of the Swarm, preferably using a gun with special or heavy ammo.

Now head towards the Scarlet Keep through the red corridors and follow the waypoint until you see a Vanguard ship with reinforcements. Head over there and get in the Drake and destroy the smaller enemies first, and then focus on three the Eyes of the Swarm. After defeating the enemies, enter the Keep and take the entrance to your left, and go down the cave until you will meet a group of Nightmare Thralls. Exit the cave and jump on the ground and follow the waypoint down the slopes until you reach the boss battle with Nightmare of Crota, Son of Oryx. As part of the story, you will not be able to finish down the boss because he will keep regenerating his health and the mission will end with a story cinematic.


Reclaim the Moon

Fight the Hive alongside fellow Guardians to clear the area.

  • Hive defeated: 100%

Pursue the Hive

Pursue the retreating Hive through the pass.

Secure a foothold for the Vanguard

Drain energy from all Hive sigils to make the Eye of the Swarm vulnerable.

  • Hive sigils drained: 6

Advance Toward the Scarlet Keep

Traverse the canyon as you advance toward the Hive Keep.

Gain Access to the Scarlet Keep

Bring down the Eye of the Swarm to disable the barrier blocking your access to the Hive Keep.

Locate Eris Morn

Venture into the depths of the Scarlet Keep in search of Eris Morn.

Locate Eris Morn

Make your way toward the Pyramid in search of Eris Morn.

Defeat the Nightmare of Crota, Son of Oryx

Fight and kill the Nightmare of Crota to advance toward the Pyramid in search of Eris Morn.

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