A Garden World

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A Garden World
Type Story Mission
Number 24
Location Mercury
Recommended Power 230
Description Enter the Infinite Forest and steal the algorithm that will let you track Panoptes in the present.
Enemy Types Vex, Fallen
Bosses Dendron, Root Mind (Ultra Cyclops)
Prerequisite Completion of Story Mission Hijacked.
Previous Hijacked
Next Omega
A Garden World is a Story Mission introduced with the Curse of Osiris expansion. Completing the previous mission, Hijacked, immediately begins this mission without a need to activate a mission flag first.

A Garden World is also a Strike which is included in the Heroic Strikes playlist and may be chosen as a given week's Nightfall Strike. The Strike version has a different description: "Help Osiris cut back an out-of-control Vex Mind."

Mission Walkthrough

The mission begins on the west side of The Lighthouse sector - proceed toward the gate to the Infinite Forest and enter it after dealing with some Goblins. Follow the path that manifests before you while contending with Vex and Fallen forces, and you will eventually reach a gate that leads to the past of Mercury, Simulant Past. Watch out for the Quantum Cyclops guarding the gate as you pass through the gate.

As you encounter your first enemies in Simulant Past, you will notice that a) they look different, and b) they're all prefixed with the word Precursor, even the Elite versions (which end up with names such as Precursor Axis Goblin). Functionally, they are no different from normal Vex units, so stick to your usual strategies for dealing with them. Kill the two Precursor Axis Goblins near the start of the area to stock up on Power ammo before you proceed further.

Use the Vex cannons to progress between the different platforms. If there is no cannon to use, look around for a conflux to destroy which will activate a cannon.

At the final platform, you will come across your first Shielded Minotaur, a Major Minotaur which is initially shielded from all damage by a nearby conflux. Kill all other Vex, including another Precursor Axis Goblin, and destroy the conflux above the Major unit to drop its shield and make it vulnerable to your shots. Then, deal with the boss and continue on the path up the spire after destroying the conflux powering a barrier blocking the way forward.

Inside this spire, the past incarnation of the Lighthouse proper, you will come across more Vex resistance, including a Precursor Axis Minotaur guarding a barrier-generating conflux. Kill them all and proceed up until you reach another Precursor Axis Minotaur and a second Shielded Minotaur, as well as some more confluxes to destroy, one shielding the Major unit and the other powering a progress-blocking barrier encasing a cannon which launches you into the upper portion of the spire. Cross over into the Gardener's Spire and continue your ascent until you encounter a third Shielded Minotaur, a shielding conflux, and a barrier-making conflux which becomes vulnerable once the Major unit is dead. The cannon shielded by the conflux will launch you upward next to another group of Vex units, including a Precursor Axis Hydra guarding the last two cannons needed to reach the top of the spire.

When you reach the top of the Lighthouse, there will be a conflux shielding a unique Ultra Cyclops called Dendron, Root Mind; as well, two inactive Shielded Minotaurs stand guard opposite Dendron. When you are ready, destroy the conflux to begin the fight with Dendron.

Dendron, once active, has the ability to move around on a circular track outside of the arena and will often do so while attempting to sweep a laser across you - use the cover provided to avoid taking damage as you wear down its health. Occasionally, it will spawn one or more pairs of Precursor Goblins (or, rarely, a Precursor Hobgoblin) to harass you.

Once Dendron has been reduced to 2/3rds health, a conflux above a Shielded Minotaur will appear to shield the Ultra unit; in addition, a Shielded Minotaur will activate and two Precursor Axis Goblins will spawn in. Destroy the conflux to disable the shields on both Dendron and the Shielded Minotaur.

Below 2/3rds health, Dendron gains the ability to shoot a slow cover-piercing explosive projectile. Upon being reduced to 1/3rd health, a second conflux, this time above the remaining Shielded Minotaur, will appear, and a Precursor Axis Harpy will spawn in as the last Shielded Minotaur activates. As with the first shielding phase, destroy the conflux to disable the shields, allowing you to finish off Dendron.

With the Mind destroyed, a cannon will appear outside of the boss arena. Use it to reach a terminal at the top of the spire, then deploy Sagira to complete the mission.

Mission Reward

  • 500 Personal Clan XP

Strike Walkthrough

The A Garden World Strike plays like the Story Mission, but with some notable differences:

  • In the Infinite Forest section, a Quantum Cyclops and four Goblins greet the fireteam at the start, and two Quantum Cyclops units (rather than just one) guard the entrance to Simulant Past.
  • Confluxes which produce shields around Vex cannons or Shielded Minotaurs are now protected by hemispherical barriers which block gunfire but allow Guardians and enemies to pass through freely.
  • Four Shielded Minotaurs, rather than just two, are present in the fight against Dendron, Root Mind. Shielded Minotaurs are now activated in pairs rather than singly - Dendron only reactivates once the shielding confluxes for both Shielded Minotaurs of a pair are destroyed.
  • The Strike ends upon the destruction of Dendron - a Vex chest spawns in the center of the boss arena which produces the usual Strike rewards.

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