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Strike is a 3-player activity that consists of a series of objectives culminating in a battle against a boss enemy.


Strikes can be launched directly from a destination, or from a playlist in the Vanguard Director.

Selecting the Vanguard Strike playlist from the Director will load the player into a random Strike. If there are vacant spots in the fireteam, the matchmaking system will search for additional players before launching the activity. It is possible to join a Strike that is already in progress, if there are less than 3 players in the activity. Strikes launched from this playlist are affected by certain modifiers.

Nightfall Strikes are a harder version of normal Strikes, with a score system. The Nightfall playlist consists of three random Strikes which change weekly. The players gain score mostly by defeating enemies, and the score is affected by the time spent in a Strike and the active modifiers. The fireteam leader selects which modifiers are active in the Nightfall they load in with the help of the Five of Swords Challenge Card. The players have to select their loadouts carefully, because Nightfall Strikes lock equipment, preventing it from being changed. There is no ordinary matchmaking in Nightfalls, but Clans or Seekers can queue up for a Guided Game.

Each Nightfall Strike except for Broodhold and the ones added in Shadowkeep has a unique reward which can be obtained only there.


Base game
The arms dealer banner labeled.png Name: The Arms Dealer
Location: EDZ
Boss: Bracus Zahn (Legionary)
Enemies: Cabal, Fallen
Nightfall loot: Tilt Fuse (Sparrow)
Lake of shadows banner labeled.png Name: Lake of Shadows
Location: EDZ
Boss: Grask, the Consumed (Taken Phalanx)
Enemies: Taken, Cabal, Fallen
Nightfall loot: The Militia's Birthright (Grenade Launcher)
Savathuns song banner labeled.png Name: Savathûn's Song
Location: Titan
Boss: Savathûn's Song (Shrieker)
Enemies: Hive, Fallen
Nightfall loot: Duty Bound (Auto Rifle)
Exodus crash strike banner labeled.png Name: Exodus Crash
Location: Nessus
Boss: Thaviks, the Depraved (Marauder)
Enemies: Fallen, Vex
Nightfall loot: Impact Velocity (Sparrow)
The inverted spire banner labeled.png Name: The Inverted Spire
Location: Nessus
Boss: Protheon, Modular Mind (Minotaur)
Enemies: Vex, Cabal
Nightfall loot: Trichromatica (Ghost Shell)
The pyramidion banner labeled.png Name: The Pyramidion
Location: Io
Boss: Brakion, Genesis Mind (Hobgoblin)
Enemies: Vex, Taken
Nightfall loot: Silicon Neuroma (Sniper Rifle)
Curse of Osiris
Tree of probabilities banner labeled.png Name: Tree of Probabilities
Location: Mercury
Boss: Valus Thuun (Centurion)
Enemies: Cabal, Vex
Nightfall loot: D.F.A. (Hand Cannon)
A garden world banner labeled.png Name: A Garden World
Location: Mercury
Boss: Dendron, Root Mind (Cyclops)
Enemies: Vex
Nightfall loot: Universal Wavefunction (Ship)
Strange Terrain Strike banner.png Name: Strange Terrain
Location: Mars
Boss: Nokris, Herald of Xol (Wizard)
Enemies: Hive
Nightfall loot: BrayTech Osprey (Rocket Launcher)
Will of the Thousands Strike banner.png Name: Will of the Thousands
Location: Mars
Boss: Xol, Will of the Thousands
Enemies: Hive
Nightfall loot: Worm God Incarnation (Transmat Effect)
The Insight Terminus Strike banner.png Name: The Insight Terminus
Location: Nessus
Boss: Kargen the Technocrat (Psion)
Enemies: Cabal, Vex
Nightfall loot: The Long Goodbye (Sniper Rifle)
Warden of Nothing Strike banner.png Name: Warden of Nothing
Location: Tangled Shore
Boss: The Mad Warden (Servitor)
Enemies: Vex, Cabal
Nightfall loot: Warden's Law (Hand Cannon)
Broodhold Strike banner.png Name: Broodhold
Location: Tangled Shore
Boss: In Anânh, Brood Queen (Wizard)
Enemies: Hive, Fallen
Nightfall loot: None
The Hollowed Lair Strike banner.png Name: The Hollowed Lair
Location: Tangled Shore
Boss: The Fanatic (Chieftain)
Enemies: Scorn
Nightfall loot: Mindbender's Ambition (Shotgun)
The Corrupted Strike banner.png Name: The Corrupted
Location: Dreaming City
Boss: Sedia, the Corrupted
Enemies: Taken, Hive, Scorn
Nightfall loot: Horror's Least (Pulse Rifle)
The Scarlet Keep Strike banner.png Name: The Scarlet Keep
Location: Moon
Boss: Hashladûn (Wizard)
Enemies: Hive
Nightfall loot: None
The Festering Core Strike banner.png Name: The Festering Core
Location: Io
Boss: Baurisk, Envoy of Savathûn (Taken Incendior)
Enemies: Taken, Vex
Nightfall loot: None


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