Birthplace of the Vile

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Birthplace of the Vile
Birthplace of the Vile Strike banner.png
Location Savathûn's Throne World
Players 1-3
Power 1510
Expansion The Witch Queen Icon.pngThe Witch Queen
Enemies Scorn
Boss Heimiks, Warden of the Harvest (Chieftain)
Description Aided by the Witness, the Scorn have gained the power to break into the Throne World through areas the Light cannot touch.

Beat them back.

Birthplace of the Vile is a strike introduced in The Witch Queen.


Enemies Encountered

Enemy Information
Normal - - -
Adept text-center text-center text-center
Hero text-center text-center text-center
Legend text-center text-center text-center
Master text-center text-center text-center
Grandmaster text-center text-center text-center
Enemies Champions
Scorn text-center text-center
text-center Arc
text-center Solar
text-center Void
text-center Barrier
text-center Overload
text-center Unstoppable




Witch's Echo


Warden of the Harvest


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