Proving Grounds

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Proving Grounds
Proving Ground Strike banner.png
Location Nessus
Players 1-3
Power 1230
Expansion Season of the Chosen icon.pngBeyond Light
Enemies Cabal, Vex
Boss Ignovun, Chosen of Caiatl (Centurion)
Description Defeat Caiatl's Chosen aboard the Land Tank, Halphas Electus, on Nessus.

Proving Ground is a strike introduced in the Season of the Chosen.


Enemies Encountered

Enemy Information
Normal - - -
Adept - Solar.png Solar.png Void.png
Hero Arc.png Solar.png Void.png
Legend Arc.png Solar.png Void.png
Master Arc.png Solar.png Void.png
Grandmaster Arc.png Solar.png Void.png
Enemies Champions
Cabal, Vex Barrier icon.png Unstoppable icon.png
Arc.png Arc
Solar.png Solar
Void.png Void
Barrier icon.png Barrier
Overload icon.png Overload
Unstoppable icon.png Unstoppable

Caiatl's Cabal

Cabal VIPs have only a chance to spawn, and each has a specific location where it might spawn.



Watcher's Grave

Go forward and clear the path by eliminating Cabal and Vex. As you defeat the enemies guarding the entrance to the tank, you will be attacked by Valus Ozysas. When Ozysas remains at half of its health, it becomes immune and summons a barrier. Destroy the generator inside it to remove the barrier and Ozysas' shield. After the VIP is defeated, proceed inside the Halphas Electus.

Infantry Concourse

Eliminate the three Legionaries and go through the door on the left. Turn right in the corridor and ascend through the elevator, then drop down into the vehicle bay.

Halphas Electus

There are Psions on balconies to the left and right, and many Cabal enemies in the main area. Two Interceptors come out in the first wave, supported by Halphas Honorguard (Centurion) Ultras. Either Optus Taxaat or Val Kladior may appear instead of one of the Honorguards, they can also spawn together. Two Goliath Tanks come out in the second wave, supported by more Halphas Honorguard. Either Val Trekitus or Val Cunqu'us may appear instead of one of the Honorguards, they can also spawn together.

After the vehicle bay is cleared, proceed through the opened door and follow the waypoint into the maintenance area. There is a platform with a power core, guarded by Cabal enemies and either Val Cempas or Val Vinca'ar. Defeat them and carry the core into the next room, where you have to deposit it into a receptacle. The room is full of enemies, but you can drop the core for several seconds and then pick it up again. Go into the door on the opposite side of the room for the next power core, which is guarded by either Optus Vocca or Val Veorthus. Carry the core back into the previous room, which is full of enemies again, and deposit it into another receptacle. Exit the room and ride the elevator to the next area.

Proving Grounds

Follow the waypoint to the arena and interact with a projection to begin the Rite of Proving and summon Ignovun, Chosen of Caiatl. He fights like an ordinary Centurion and wields a Cabal Bronto Cannon, but also has access to the Solar Seeker attack, which summons several Solar projectiles which follow players but can be destroyed with enough damage. Each time he loses a third of his health, Ignovun becomes immune and summons a barrier, which can be removed by destroying its generator.


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