Tree of Probabilities

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Tree of Probabilities
Tree of probabilities banner labeled.png
Type Story Mission
Number 22
Location Mercury
Recommended Power 220
Description Now you know where to find the map of the Infinite Forest. Go and get it.
Enemy Types Cabal, Vex
Bosses Khartion, Archival Mind (Ultra Minotaur); Valus Thuun
Prerequisite Completion of Story Mission Deep Storage.
Previous Deep Storage
Next Hijacked
Tree of Probabilities is a Story Mission introduced with the Curse of Osiris expansion. The mission flag is located in The Lighthouse sector, in front of the lower portal leading into the Lighthouse proper.

Tree of Probabilities is also one of the Strikes added with the expansion.

Mission Walkthrough

The mission begins at the location of the mission flag - make your way through some Cabal that survived The Red War as you approach the gate to the Infinite Forest once more. Watch out for the Scorpius turrets deployed in certain locations as well as the Honored Colossus guarding the gate.

Enter the Infinite Forest and push through the path laid before you, climbing platforms and activating doorways while contending with Cabal and Vex forces. Once you reach it, pass through the entrance to an alternative timeline, Simulant Present.

Upon entering Simulant Present, you will find that the Vex are simulating the moment when the Cabal attacked Mercury. Eliminate all nearby enemies. Then, hop onto your Sparrow and boost across the chasm to the other side. Continue riding your Sparrow, as you follow your objective marker to the next destination. Make sure to dodge the laser traps on the way, though, as well as several Colossi.

At some point, you will cross over into Atlas Grove and be forced to get off your vehicle and fight some Cabal on foot, including an Honored Gladiator. Go through these enemies until you reach the map of the Infinite Forest.

In the next area, an Ultra Minotaur, Khartion, Archival Mind, will be present. However, a Cabal Valus, Valus Thuun, will quickly get rid of it.

Apart from a melee-range AoE attack, Valus Thuun starts with two attacks: a rapid-fire volley while moving, and a charged volley while standing still. Cabal reinforcements are also called in during each phase.

Fight Thuun while avoiding laser traps. Once he is sufficiently hurt, he will flee through an energy barrier, and some Vex, including a Major Minotaur, will appear. Defeat the Minotaur to lower the energy barrier and continue the pursuit of Valus Thuun.

Once you track Thuun down again, wear him down some more while avoiding another set of laser traps. He gains a third attack at this point in which he leaps toward the player and performs a ground slam on landing, causing significant radial knockback.

At 50% health, Thuun will flee through another energy barrier, and another Major Minotaur and its friends will spawn in. Like before, destroy the Minotaur to lower the barrier blocking progress, then run forward to catch up a second time with the Valus and finish him off while avoiding a third set of laser traps.

Upon Valus Thuun's death, a final barrier blocking access to the map of the Infinite Forest will disappear, allowing the player to interact with the terminal and complete the mission.

Mission Reward

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