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Type Story Mission
Number 23
Location Nessus
Recommended Power 220
Description You need a Vex Mind to help you read the map of the Infinite Forest. Head to Nessus to find one.
Enemy Types Vex, Fallen
Bosses Entangled Mind (Ultra Hydra)
Prerequisite Completion of Story Mission Tree of Probabilities.
Previous Tree of Probabilities
Next A Garden World
Hijacked is a Story Mission introduced with the Curse of Osiris expansion. The mission flag is located in the northern extremity of Artifact's Edge within Arcadian Valley on Nessus and bears the following description: "Hunt down a Vex Mind that can read your map of the Infinite Forest and point the way to Panoptes."


The mission begins at the location of the mission flag. Follow the waypoints into The Tangle until you come upon the entrance to The Mists, where you will find Harpy-like Vex units called Entangled Protectors. Upon approaching them, a group of Goblins will spawn in - take out all enemies, then proceed through the entrance.

You will come across more Vex units, including a Quantum Goblin, as you continue through the cave. Eventually, you will come upon the Entangled Mind, an Ultra Hydra which initially teleports away when you first see it.

As you fight the Mind, it will try to flee when it receives enough damage. Give chase and eliminate whatever cannon fodder you come across. Then, kill the Entangled Mind and grab the Mind Core it will drop.

With the Core in your possession, take the teleporter and exit The Mists - you will be back in The Tangle. Follow your objective marker to an entrance into a Vex cylinder, and you will find the Fallen dropping in to fight the Vex stationed at the entrance. Take care of both factions, then go through the entrance and continue into the Well of Echoes.

As you enter the Well of Echoes, you will find a group of Goblins and a group of Fanatics guarding the portal forward. Take care not to wander into the Arc fields left behind by the Fanatics as you dispatch these enemies, then pass through the portal and continue to a cylindrical shaft with a conflux in the middle and a red plate on the ground beneath it.

Step on the plate to make a platform and some Vex units spawn in. Climb your way up to the conflux one platform at a time - as you step on a platform, the next platform will materialize with some enemies on it. Upon reaching the conflux's platform, fend off several waves of Vex units, including a Quantum Hydra, then interact with the conflux to complete the mission and immediately begin the next one, A Garden World.


  • 500 Personal Clan XP

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