Deep Storage

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Deep Storage
Type Story Mission
Number 21
Location Io
Recommended Power 210
Description Search the Pyramidion on Io for a map of the Infinite Forest to guide you to Panoptes.
Enemy Types Vex
Bosses Network Protector (Ultra Cyclops)
Prerequisite Completion of Story Mission Beyond Infinity.
Previous Beyond Infinity
Next Tree of Probabilities
Deep Storage is a Story Mission introduced with the Curse of Osiris expansion. After completion of the previous mission, Beyond Infinity, the player unlocks this mission after talking to Ikora and claiming a Vanguard Tactician Engram from her. The mission can be started by interacting with the mission flag found in the The Rupture within the Echo Mesa patrol zone on Io.


The mission begins at the location of the mission flag within The Rupture - begin by heading toward the Pyramidion's entrance. Activate a plate to manifest a conflux, then deploy Sagira into the conflux to open the way into the Pyramidion sector. Then, fight through the attacking Vex and push along the usual path taken in the Strike The Pyramidion. Unlike in the Strike, most traps are disabled for this mission, and the Vex are not as numerous (though a Quantum Hydra guards the first warp gate); also, several of the areas included in the Strike are skipped over in this mission.

Eventually, you will get to the radiolarian lake. As you approach, you will find that the pit has been sealed off with an energy barrier - in order to disable the barrier, you need to take out the spawning Vex, including a Quantum Minotaur and an Ultra Cyclops, the Network Protector. Then, proceed down the lake chasm.

At the bottom, activate two plates and kill the Fanatics that spawn in, including some Elite versions called Finalizers. Once you do that, a conflux should become destructible. Destroy it and scan another, now-visible conflux to conclude the mission.


  • 500 Personal Clan XP

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