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Location Io
Zone Echo Mesa
Landing Zone No
Strikes The Pyramidion
Chests No
Material Nodes No
Patrol Beacons None
Region Chests None
Scannable Objects None
Connections The Rupture
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Pyramidion is a usually inaccessible Sector in Echo Mesa, Io. It can only be accessed with The Pyramidion Strike active.

Points of Interest

  • Entrance from The Rupture: This is a narrow tunnel that leads from The Rupture to the inside of the Pyramidion.
  • Steps: Just after players enter from The Rupture, they will have to traverse three floating platforms crawling with enemies.
  • Void Corridors: Making their way through this area, will pit players against laser traps and various Vex enemies.
  • First Warpgate: Just at the end of the Void Corridors, players will find the First Warpgate. That will lead them to another narrow corridor that opens up into a much larger chamber in the end.
  • Altar Room: In this chamber, players have to activate a trio of Vex altars. The area will be crawling with hostiles, including a Hydra.
  • First Warpgate Teleport: With the encounter in the Altar Room done, players will have to employ this teleport that takes them to the next chamber.
  • Second Warpgate: Moving towards the Second Warpgate, players will have to dodge some more laser traps. Then, they can traverse the Warpgate.
  • Second Warpgate Teleport: Just behind the Second Warpgate, players will find the Second Warpgate Teleport which takes them to the next chamber.
  • Tower Platform: On this platform, players will have to activate four energy towers while fighting off various Vex enemies, including some Cyclopses.
  • Final Warpgate Teleport: Using the final Warpgate will transport players to the final area of the Strike.
  • Conduit and Final Altar: Dropping down into the final Conduit, players will face the Boss of the Strike. Defeating it will complete the Strike and let players leave the Sector.


  • The entire Sector will be full of Vex enemies of various types.
  • At the Final Altar, players will have to face a Boss Hobgoblin and its various Vex reinforcements.