Beyond Infinity

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Beyond Infinity
Type Story Mission
Number 20
Starting NPC Sagira
Location Mercury
Recommended Power 210
Description It's time to enter the Infinite Forest and find Osiris. Be prepared for anything.
Enemy Types Vex, Fallen
Prerequisite Completion of Story Mission A Deadly Trial.
Previous A Deadly Trial
Next Deep Storage
Beyond Infinity is a Story Mission introduced with the Curse of Osiris expansion.


Upon completion of the previous mission, A Deadly Trial, you will be sent to Mercury and dropped in front of the Infinite Forest entrance in The Lighthouse patrol zone sector. Go through it and enter the Vestibule to progress the mission further.

Once on the other side, you will have to follow a somewhat linear path, while listening to Sagira's story.

When you get to a large pit before you, stop and hug the left wall. Then, follow it all the way to the top and stand in the red circle there. Once in the circle, shoot the conflux that appears.

A projection of Osiris will show you the way forward, across some platforms. As you press on, more projections, all called Reflections of Osiris, will appear. Keep following them all the way to the Infinite Forest.

Once in the Forest, proceed on the path that manifests itself before you. Fight your way forward through Vex forces until you reach a gateway. Push through each of the gateways as well, but keep in mind that some might require you to kill one or more Major units, called Daemons, before they can be opened.

Through the final gateway and across some more platforms, you will find the entrance to Mercury's past, Simulant Past. Head into it and a reflection of Osiris will show you what the planet used to look like before. He will then open another way for you to proceed back into the Infinite Forest proper.

Repeat the same exercise with the platforms and gateways, this time facing Fallen units, until you reach the entrance of Mercury's future, Simulant Future. Once there, another reflection of Osiris will show you the future and you will come across Panoptes, the Vex Mind in charge of the Infinite Forest, for the first time.

Once Panoptes starts trying to kill you by deleting you from the Infinite Forest, the reflection of Osiris will open a final path for you to return to The Lighthouse sector before jumping through another portal itself. The mission ends soon after you exit the Infinite Forest.


  • 500 Personal Clan XP

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