A Deadly Trial

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A Deadly Trial
Type Story Mission
Number 19
Location EDZ
Recommended Power 200
Description Brother Vance says there's a Temple of Osiris in the EDZ where you can revive Sagira.
Enemy Types Fallen
Prerequisite Completion of Story Mission The Gateway.
Previous The Gateway
Next Beyond Infinity
A Deadly Trial is a Story Mission introduced with the Curse of Osiris expansion.


Once you have completed The Gateway, head to the European Dead Zone on Earth. The mission flag for A Deadly Trial is on the east side of Trostland, in a passage leading to Maevic Square. Activate the flag to begin the mission proper.

You start the mission at the flag's location in Trostland. Make your way to Maevic Square, and you will see a group of Fallen guarding several Heavy Pikes - clear out the enemies and ride one of the vehicles. Heavy Pikes have two attacks: explosive shots bound to the Fire command, and homing bouncing explosives released whenever the Left or Right commands are double-tapped to execute a strafing maneuver.

Then, follow your objective marker while fighting off the Fallen in your way. There are many more Elite units than usual, so this is a good chance to gather Power ammo. You will eventually arrive at an energy barrier that is guarded by a Fallen Walker. Destroy the Walker by aiming for its legs and press on.

After crossing over into Hangman's Pass, you still have a ways to go before you reach the Radio Tower, so grab a Pike if there is one, or just hop onto your Sparrow (or your Heavy Pike if you still have it). Then, make your way through the enemies to the Radio Tower and look out for any traps on the ground or on tunnel walls. Once near the tower, take care of the Fallen on and around it, then dismount and jump onto the tower.

Enter the Radio Tower through the entrance in the back and fight off any opposing Fallen. There will be some Marauders inside, so watch your back. These have killed the followers of Osiris already, but you can still revive Sagira by taking her to the pedestal. Do so to complete the mission and immediately begin the next one, Beyond Infinity.


  • 500 Personal Clan XP

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