The Gateway

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The Gateway
Type Story Mission
Number 18
Starting NPC Ikora Rey
Location Mercury
Recommended Power 200
Description Osiris's damaged Ghost appeared on Mercury---along with a Vex army. That can't be a coincidence.
Enemy Types Vex
Bosses Methodios, Module Proxy (Ultra Minotaur)
Prerequisite Completion of Story Mission Chosen; ownership of Curse of Osiris expansion
Previous Chosen
Next A Deadly Trial
The Gateway is a Story Mission introduced with the Curse of Osiris expansion and the first of eight missions in the Curse of Osiris campaign. It is launched by traveling to Mercury for the first time.


After several cinematic cutscenes, the last of which involves a conversation with Ikora Rey, you will spawn on Mercury in the vicinity of The Lighthouse - take a right, then head left towards a nearby portal.

Once you cross the portal, you will start your first fight on Mercury. You will have to tackle a group of Vex, some of which will have immunity shields. Fight through the enemies and use the nearby cannon to progress. Keep moving through the cannons until you arrive in The Lighthouse patrol zone sector next to the Lighthouse proper.

Once you get there, speak to Brother Vance and he will ask you to get rid of the Vex around The Lighthouse. Get rid of Agoros, Gatekeeper (a Major Hydra) and the minor Vex foes while traveling toward the entrance to the Infinite Forest. Once you arrive, you will find that you cannot enter it yet, and Ghost will remark about how Sagira could have helped if she were alive.

Upon hearing about your possession of Osiris's Ghost, Brother Vance will ask you to bring him Sagira. So, fight your way back to The Lighthouse proper. On your way there, you will need to deal with Tyranos, Gatekeeper (a Major Minotaur); once you arrive, you will find an Ultra Minotaur, Methodios, Module Proxy, once you've destroyed some of the Vex units that spawn in. Deal with that foe and destroy the floating Vex cube to open the portal to Brother Vance. Go through the portal and speak with Brother Vance to get some info on where Sagira can be revived, completing the mission.



This mission has an alternate description: "The Vex stir on Mercury, and legendary outcast Osiris is involved. Head to the Lighthouse to investigate."

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