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Type Story Mission
Number 17
Location The Last City
Level 17
Recommended Power 180
Description The Almighty is finished. Time to go home, save the Traveler, take back the City, and end this war. Be brave.
Friendly NPCs Zavala, Cayde-6, Ikora, Hawthorne
Enemy Types Cabal
Bosses Ghaul
Prerequisite Completion of Story Mission 1AU.
Previous 1AU
Next None
Chosen is the final Story Mission of The Red War campaign. It begins immediately upon completion of the previous mission, 1AU, and takes place within a unique destination, the Last City, which, unlike most destinations specifically for missions, has an "open-world" area in which different fireteams playing the mission can play together for a time before being split off into instances.


You begin on a building in Peregrine District, the single open-world region of the Last City. Jump down from the roof you will be dropped on and follow the street ahead of you to a Cabal energy barrier. Deal with whatever hostiles present themselves, including an Honored Centurion, while you wait. Also, note that there will be other players in the area with you that can serve as good backup. You will need it, considering that all enemies in the first few areas will respawn quite quickly.

As soon as Suraya Hawthorne disables the barrier, push through it without worrying about any remaining enemies.

Once you pass the first barrier, fight your way through the streets to a second barrier, which is exactly the same. There will be an Honored Colossus and some Cabal forces that spawn in here. If you are lucky, there will also be some players waiting for Hawthorne to drop the second barrier. Fight off any enemies until the barrier is down, then ignore the hostiles and push forward.

Once through the second barrier, jump to the balcony straight ahead of you, take a right and keep moving. Push through a couple of Gladiators and some Psions. You do not have to fight them, just keep going forward until you reach a couple of narrow doorways that lead to the streets once more. Ignore the Honored Colossus and the rest of the enemies and beeline it for the archway at the top of the stairwell. Then, take a right and hop up to the nearby roof and into another narrow door.

Eventually, you will enter Systems Deck, an instanced region, and reach another flat roof. At this point, you want to make your way towards the objective marker, jumping from one roof to the next. Hunters are advised to use their Triple Jump if available. Try to ignore the hostiles, including a normal Colossus, that will meet you on the way to the best of your abilities. When you reach two buildings connected with a couple of narrow catwalks, watch out for a Scorpius turret. Keep moving until you reach the Vanguard.

Once there, you will find them exhausted from a heavy fight with the Cabal. Since they are wounded and exhausted, they will not survive the teleport, so it is on you to proceed to the next area. Take the Vex teleporter Cayde has rigged to take you inside Ghaul's command ship, The Immortal. Once there, you will be entering a Restricted Zone. Follow the corridor forward to the next door. Once it opens, hold your fire! If you take a single shot, all the War Beasts, including an Honored War Beast, will wake up and swarm you and you cannot win this fight. Instead, slowly make your way across the room, keeping a healthy distance from the animals.

Once you emerge on the far side, hop into the ventilation shaft ahead. Then, jump up and follow this maintenance tunnel. You will have to take another jump up and to the left, then a right and crouch under some low ceiling before you reach the Quarterdeck and step out into a windowed corridor.

Here, you will be attacked by a group of Psions, Phalanxes and a Major Incendior, Final Guard Straff. He comes equipped with a Void shield, so equip the appropriate Energy Weapon. Deal with these enemies, but save your abilities. The, head up the elevator to finally face Dominus Ghaul, a unique Ultra-toughness enemy. As you approach the figure wreathed in Light, you will be able to make out his silhouette (if you look at the flaming pillar while aiming down sights on a weapon, you will likely see multiple silhouettes due to the way the visual effect was programmed).

Dominus Ghaul

During the first phase of combat, Dominus Ghaul starts with access to Solar form which combines aspects of the Sunbreaker and Dawnblade Super abilities. While in this form, Ghaul manifests a large flaming sword and throws it at the player. Thrown swords explode on impact

When a third of his health is gone, Ghaul will retreat to his flaming column and some additional foes will drop in. Deal with them as they appear until Ghaul comes back into the fight, then focus on him. While Ghaul is active, ignore all other threats unless they are keeping you from taking much-needed cover or you need them to drop ammo.

During the second and third phases of the battle, look for the columns of Boundless Light. These will recharge your Super and other abilities and it is recommended you make use of them. There will be four columns in total, two for each phase. Do not waste your Super on other foes, focus it on Ghaul.

In the second phase, Ghaul gains access to both Void and Arc forms in addition to the Solar form from the first phase. In his Void form, which combines aspects of the Sentinel and Nightstalker Supers, Ghaul manifests a Void shield which absorbs all damage from the front, then throws the shield, which explodes into a slowing field. In his Arc form, Ghaul charges his fists with Arc energy, then throws Arc bolts which stick to surfaces and release damaging pulses over time in an area.

Ghaul transitions from second to third phase when the second third of his health is gone - at this point, he will retreat once more into his flaming column. Deal with the Cabal infantry that attack to draw him out once more. In the third phase, Dominus Ghaul does not gain any new attacks, but he has now absorbed enough energy to allow him to use his elemental forms exclusively, abandoning his hand cannon entirely.

In general, Ghaul is most vulnerable while transitioning out of an elemental form, so dodge his elemental attacks, then use your Super ability to deal damage as he loses his form. If you need to take cover, take a short breather down in the tunnels, and do not forget to use the Boundless Light at the back end of the deck.

Follow these tactics and Ghaul will soon die. This will trigger a cinematic and complete the mission (and the campaign). You will be transported to The Tower, where you can finish the milestones associated with the Red War and collect the huge amounts of rewards you will receive there.


The mission itself only gives 500 Personal Clan XP. The following rewards are obtained from the various NPCs in the Tower after the completion of this mission for the first time on a character:

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