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Ikora Rey
Ikora Rey.PNG
Name Ikora Rey
Title Vanguard Research
Race Human
Gender Female
Location The Tower
Description The wise Ikora Rey aids and advises Guardians in the protection of humanity and beyond.

Ikora Rey is the Warlock Vanguard. She is a vendor that offers quests and upgrades related to Light-based subclasses.



Subclass Quests

Ikora offers quests that will unlock the two Light subclasses that the player's class does not start with. Each quest also rewards a class-specific emblem. A quest can be acquired even if the player already has the relevant subclass unlocked.

Subclass Mastery Quests

After unlocking all three Light subclasses for their character's class, the player can acquire three additional quests from Ikora. Partially completing a quest will reward an Exotic armor item that synergizes with the subclass, which must then be used to finish the quest. The final reward will be a curated roll of a specific Legendary weapon.

Other Quests

Grow Your Light

After the player unlocks a subclass, they can purchase upgrades and abilities for that subclass from Ikora using text-center Glimmer. After purchasing items from Ikora, the player must meditate by interacting with the device on the shelf to the right in order to finish unlocking them.

The images and links below lead to sub-pages displaying the options available for each class.

text-center Void

Embrace the space between, opening doors to distort time and gravity.
Void Vendor Titan icon.jpg Void Vendor Hunter icon.jpg Void Vendor Warlock icon.jpg

text-center Solar

Feel the blessed heat, scorching foes and rising above the fray.
Solar Vendor Titan icon.jpg Solar Vendor Hunter icon.jpg Solar Vendor Warlock icon.jpg

text-center Arc

Become a current of Light, moving with blinding speed and amplifying your capabilities.
Arc Vendor Titan icon.jpg Arc Vendor Hunter icon.jpg Arc Vendor Warlock icon.jpg


Patch History

    • Fixed an issue where the vendor UI would display during conversations with Ikora.
  • 5/26/23[3]
    • Fixed an issue allowing players to acquire duplicate rewards from the Subclass Mastery quests.
  • 7.1.0[4]
  • 6.2.5[5]
    • Fixed an issue where some icons were displaying with the wrong background at Ikora.
  • 6.2.0[6]
    • text-center Arc Subclasses
      • Reworked to fit the Subclass 3.0 system. There are too many individual systemic changes to list here, but the text-center Arc subclasses now use the Aspect and Fragment system used by text-center Stasis, text-center Void, and text-center Solar.
      • UNLISTED: Ikora now sells upgrades to the Arc subclasses under "Grow Your Light".
  • 4.1.0[7]
    • text-center Solar Subclasses:
      • Reworked to fit the Subclass 3.0 system, in particular: text-center Solar subclasses now use the Aspect and Fragment system used by text-center Stasis and text-center Void.
    • New Light Solar 3.0 updates:
      • New Hunter characters will start with the reworked Solar 3.0 subclass.
      • New Titan and Warlock characters will start with Void 3.0 subclasses.
      • Subclasses you have not acquired are available after finishing the A Guardian Rises questline and talking with Ikora Rey during the A Spark of Hope quest.
    • New Hunter characters will start with Solar subclass abilities intended to be more friendly and appealing to new players. Additional abilities may be unlocked by purchasing them from Ikora in the Tower and completing meditation
    • From her overlook in the Tower Bazaar, Ikora will now teach all classes the text-center Void abilities, Aspects, and Fragments they have yet to unlock on their character.
      • However, easily learning new Void abilities comes with a cost: each new ability learned requires large quantities of reprogrammable matter (Glimmer) and a nearby meditation device to expedite the process.
    • Returning characters with a Void subclass will have the majority of their abilities unlocked upon character login.
      • Grenades that were not accessible to a class prior to The Witch Queen launch will still need to be learned from Ikora.
    • For new characters, Ikora will offer quests to earn their Solar and Arc subclasses once they have reached her step in the A Spark of Hope questline.


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