Riding the Storm

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Riding the Storm
Riding the storm icon1.jpg
Season 12
Type Quest Step
Rarity Legendary
Steps 2
Prerequisite A Guardian Rises
Vendors Ikora Rey
Rewards Storm's Surge
Strider's Slash
New Subclass: Arcstrider
New Subclass: Stormcaller

Riding the Storm is a Legendary Quest. It unlocks the Arc subclasses for New Light players.

1. Fulmination


Awaken your latent power of Arc Light by earning experience, generating Orbs of Power, and defeating combatants to earn points; using Arc damage grants substantially more points.

Energy weapons deal elemental damage. Arc element weapons can be identified by selecting them in your character screen and looking for the Arc.pngArc symbol.

"You see it in the filaments of energy, reaching for more foes. The chains of searing Light. Arc energy hungers for more Darkness to destroy." —Auren Velt, Warlock


  • Arc kills: 1000
  • Orbs of Power: 10
  • XP: 25000

2. Chain Reaction


The Vanguard will be eager to hear of your newfound power.

Speak to Ikora Rey in the Tower.

"Your first mistake was standing so close together." —Ikora Rey, Crucible Legend


Speak with Ikora Rey: 1


Stormcaller crest.png Arc Stormcaller
Warlock Warlock Subclass
Storms surge icon1.jpg Storm's Surge
Warlock Warlock Emblem
Arcstrider crest.png Arc Arcstrider
Hunter Hunter Subclass
Striders slash icon1.jpg Strider's Slash
Hunter Hunter Emblem