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“The one about The Witch Queen.”
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Type Patch
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Released February 22, 2022
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Version History
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All Versions




  • The Glassway
    • Fixed a rare issue preventing some players from launching the strike directly from the Europa map.
  • The Disgraced
    • Fixed an issue where some players would be stuck behind a gate after they joined an in-progress run of the strike.
  • The Scarlet Keep
    • Fixed an issue where the dialog at the end of the campaign version of Scarlet Keep could be cut off by the end-of-activity timer.
    • Fixed an issue where players could sometimes be teleported to higher floors of the tower before the elevator reached them.
  • Warden of Nothing
    • The launch node for this strike now appears on the Dreaming City map on the Director.
    • There are new copies of the Warden of Nothing Triumphs in the Legends Triumphs category. Players who previously earned these Triumphs will have that reflected in their Legacy Triumphs and Triumph score, but they may be earned again in this new spot for additional Triumph points.
  • Fallen S.A.B.E.R.
    • Fixed a spot where players could hide from danger.
  • Wanted enemies will no longer spawn in Vanguard playlist or direct launch strikes.
  • Season of the Lost Seasonal modifiers have been removed from the Vanguard playlist Advantage and Disadvantage slots.


  • All difficulties of Nightfall now feature the Acute Burn modifier. This burn increases player outgoing damage of the matching element by +25 percent and increases incoming damage from enemies by +50 percent. The burn element is set per strike.
    • Note: These patch notes have been updated [on April 06, 2022][2] to note that Acute Burn modifiers are included in Grandmaster Nightfalls.
  • All strike-specific modifiers like Sedia's Durance or Grashk's Bile have been removed.
  • Seasonal Modifiers are now used for Hero, Legend, and Master difficulty Nightfalls, instead of the Vanguard playlist. These modifiers rotate each week.
    • Note: These patch notes have been updated [on April 06, 2022][2] to note that Seasonal Modifiers are not currenty intended for Grandmaster Nightfalls strikes.
    • While they aren't appearing this season, they may be enabled in the future.
    • Stay tuned for updates.
  • Three Seasonal Modifiers for Season of the Risen have been added to the game.
  • The Scorn modifier Festering Rupture has been replaced with Empath for Scorn activities that have rotating modifiers.
  • Nightfalls now display a modifier with a list of shield types you will encounter, when playing on a difficulty with Match Game.



  • Vault of Glass
    • Fixed invisible geometry that hinders player traversal to the first secret chest.
    • Pinnacle reward sources moved to The Witch Queen raid. Vault of Glass rewards set to Powerful.



  • Added Freelance: Gambit activity node.
  • Updated Gambit combatant encounter variants.
  • The Shriekers rest... for now.
  • Combatant energy shield resistance increased.
  • Increased medium Blocker (Phalanx) vitality from 500 to 1000.
  • Added Stasis attack to the large Blocker (Knight).
  • Bank locked waypoint now displays from afar and offscreen.
  • The rules of Gambit are now displayed in an activity modifier on Gambit and Gambit Freelance.
  • Gambit now has Gambit-specific loading screen hints.


  • Combatants no longer drop ammo bricks by chance.
    • Ammo finder mods will still function.
  • Ammo crates now spawn after clearing each front of combatants.
    • Crates give both Heavy icon.png Heavy and Special icon.png Special ammo.
  • High-value targets now drop Heavy icon.png Heavy ammo bricks on death.

Death and Resurrection

  • Players now drop half of their held Motes when defeated.
  • Players can be revived by other players two seconds earlier, and auto-respawn is delayed two seconds.
  • Added player respawn points to all fronts.


  • One of the Mote phase invasions has been removed.
    • Invasions now trigger at 40 and 80 Mote thresholds.
  • Opponent nameplates are hidden when aiming down sights as invader.
  • Invaders can no longer see opponents' Mote count on their nameplate.


  • Primeval gains an invulnerability shield which is removed upon defeating the Primeval Envoys.
  • Adjusted Primeval health, healing, and Primeval Slayer stack scaling.
  • Primeval Slayer stacks no longer affect Primeval Envoys, but Primeval Envoys vitality reduced from 2000 to 1000.
  • Primeval Envoy and Taken now spawn in the Fronts.
  • Primeval Servitor variant has been removed from Gambit.
  • IMG 8810.JPG Malfeasance quest will now be granted on any Primeval kill.
  • Bank drain will continue to increment your team's Mote count even when the opponent team has summoned a Primeval.


  • Fixed an issue where the visual effect for being invaded did not apply to players returning from invasions.
  • Fixed an issue where invaders would drop Motes when the opponent is already on the Primeval phase.
  • Deep Six: Fixed an issue with AI combatants' movement and placement behavior.
  • Fixed an issue that caused miniboss combatants to converge upon the same firing areas.


  • Fixed an issue where the Crucible Submachinist medal was not being awarded.
  • Fixed an issue with the Unfaltering Glory Triumph win streak not properly resetting.
  • Added Vostok and Eternity back into Crucible playlists.

Iron Banner

  • Saladin now displays the Iron Engram in his rank description tooltip, so that players better understand their rewards for ranking up.


  • Added small amount of Trials reputation at match-end for every round won that match.
    • The amount that gets added increases the more ticket wins you have. At the top end, each round won generates 21 Trials reputation. This should speed up Trials reputation gains by around 50 percent on average.
  • Bonus win from Passage of ferocity icon1.jpg Passage of Ferocity now grants progress towards Saint's 7-win challenge.

Ritual Ranks

  • Vanguard, Crucible, Gambit, and Trials double ranks weeks, as well as double Nightfall loot, are now advertised on the launch screens of the various activities.
  • Rank reward engrams from all ritual vendors should now decrypt into equipment closer to your current Power level.

Lost Sectors

  • Lost in the Strand bounty no longer auto completes after launching Aphelion's Rest Legend Lost Sector after completing it once without the bounty.
  • Fixed an issue where the description of the Master Difficulty Concealed Void Lost Sector on Europa claimed that all three shield types were present, when there were no Arc.pngArc shields.
  • Previously the Legend difficulty version of the Concealed Void Lost Sector on Europa had enemies with all three shield types. The Arc.pngArc-shielded Captain has been replaced with an elite Vandal on Legend. On Master it was already replaced with an Overload icon.pngOverload Champion.
  • Legend and Master Lost Sectors are now the same Lost Sector each day.
  • When launching Legend and Master Lost Sectors, you now see the normal Director launch screen when you interact with the totem, and you can switch difficulties from that screen.
  • Master and Legend difficulty now display the information about which shields are present when you pull out your Ghost, with the rest of the activity modifiers.
  • The bosses of the Excavation Site XII and The Quarry Lost Sectors are now properly set to the Boss type on Legend and Master difficulty. They can no longer be killed with finishers as a result.
  • Most Lost Sectors now have more intense music when playing on Legend or Master difficulty.
  • Excavation Site XII: Fixed an issue where the barrier at the entrance in Legend and Master difficulty had a gap and allowed players outside of the Lost Sector.
  • Veles Labyrinth encounters have been improved to bring this Lost Sector more in line with others.
  • Fixed an issue in the Scavenger's Den, Excavation Site XII, and The Quarry Lost Sectors on EDZ where bosses names were not showing up.

General Activities

  • On most activities that feature multiple Champion types, we now display a single combined activity modifier (e.g., Barrier icon.pngBarrier and Unstoppable icon.pngUnstoppable as a single icon) instead of a separate modifier for each one.
  • Tooltips for the Champion activity modifiers now include more information on how to acquire and equip anti-Champion armor mods.
  • Tooltips for the Champion activity modifiers now include Champion icons.
  • On most activities with Match Game, we now display an activity modifier icon to showcase which enemy shields you will face.

Seasonal Challenges

  • Fixed Seasonal Challenges so that the current week opens by default during weeks 1-10.


  • F8 and F12 can no longer be bound to keyboard inputs. Existing bindings to these keys have been removed.
  • Seasonal Challenges can now be tracked and are visible in Nav Mode.
  • Subtitles no longer overlap with notifications that appear at the bottom of the player's HUD.
  • Subtitles have been defaulted to on for all players. Subtitles may be turned off in the settings menu.

Text Chat

  • Additional platforms now support text chat input via a hardware keyboard.
    • Stadia
    • PlayStation 4
    • PlayStation 5
    • Xbox One
    • Xbox Series X|S
  • Added an option to change the font size of text in text chat.

Known Issues:

  • IME support is not yet available. The team is working on providing a solution in the near future.


  • Updated social preferences settings to include clan-invite preferences.
  • Enabled player search on Stadia via hardware keyboard.


Gameplay and Investment


  • Six new permanent armor mods have been added to the game: Kinetic Siphon, Harmonic Siphon, and an equivalent mod for each of the four damage types.
    • These mods can be socketed into your helmet mod sockets and allow your weapons to generate Orbs of Power (functionality that has been deprecated from weapons).
    • These mods are automatically unlocked for all players, and work with all weapons of the appropriate damage type.
  • A suite of permanent armor mods has been added that work with the new Glaive weapon archetype: Glaive Ammo Finder, Glaive Targeting, Glaive Loader, Glaive Dexterity, Glaive Capacity, Unflinching Glaive, Glaive Ammo Scavenger, and Glaive Holster. These mods can be obtained when opening Legendary engrams.
  • Reduced the cost of changing the energy type of a fully Masterworked piece of armor.
    • Once Masterworked, Legendary armor can swap between energy types for a cost of 10,000 Glimmer and an Upgrade Module.
    • Fully Masterworked Exotic armor can swap between energy types for a cost of 20,000 Glimmer and an Upgrade Module.
  • Fixed an issue where Titans could accidentally trigger the Energy Converter icon.png Energy Converter mod while in their Super, consuming all stacks of Charged with Light for no gain.
  • Fixed an issue where higher-tier damage reduction could be extended when gaining lower-tier damage reduction.
  • Protective Light icon.png Protective Light's damage reduction reduced to 10 percent.
  • Well of Tenacity icon.png Well of Tenacity damage reduction increased to 50 percent.
    • Dev Note: Protective Light was previously too dominant and felt too much like a must-take mod. By swapping the damage reduction values of Protective Light and Well of Tenacity, Protective Light should no longer feel like a mandatory part of every loadout, and players will need to choose between a smaller, but longer-lasting, amount of damage reduction on-demand when wounded (Protective Light) vs. a shorter-duration but stronger amount of damage reduction when picking up Void wells (Well of Tenacity).
  • Reworked Heart of inmost light icon1.jpg Heart of Inmost Light to be more consistent and readable.
  • Fixed an issue where Titans who threw Sentinel shield icon1.png Sentinel Shield would lose Charged with Light stacks to recharge abilities that could not recharge mid-Super.
  • Synthoceps icon1.jpg Synthoceps no longer increase the damage of Stasis.pngStasis Crystals while in Super.

Finisher Mod Rework

  • Finishers can now always be performed even when using mods that require Super energy.
    • If the required Super energy is not available, the benefit will not trigger.
    • Dev Note: With the introduction of Lucent Hive Ghosts and finishers being mechanically necessary to defeat them, the finisher mods have all been updated to behave differently. Now, regardless of which mods you have equipped or how much Super energy you have, you will always be able to perform finishers. If you don’t have the requisite energy, or you don’t need what the mod would grant, the benefit will not trigger, and you will not have Super energy deducted. For example, if you have the One-Two finisher equipped and you have a full melee and/or less than one-sixth of your Super energy, you will be able to perform the finisher, but you will neither gain melee energy nor be charged Super energy.


  • Fixed an issue where the Zealot's reward icon1.jpg Zealot's Reward Fusion Rifle could be fired without costing the correct amount of ammo.
  • Bows with Explosive head icon1.png Explosive Head and the Anti-Barrier mod will now detonate on impact with enemies.
  • Fixed an issue where the Whisper of the worm icon1.jpg Whisper of the Worm ornament, Roar of the wyrm icon1.jpg Roar of the Wyrm, had slightly visible holes near the scope.


Kill Trackers

  • Now visible by default on all weapons that shipped in Forsaken and later.
    • Exotic weapons from earlier than that will be updated in a later release.

Special Ammo

  • Players now only drop one Special icon.png Special ammo on death (or equivalent), no matter how much they were carrying (as long they weren't empty).
    • The maximum you can pick up off a Special icon.png Special brick is one for a Shotgun, Fusion Rifle or Sniper Rifle, or equivalent for other weapons.
      • Scavenger adds to this as normal.

Quickswap Glitch

  • Fixed an animation cancel allowing players to use a specific button combination to swap almost instantly.
  • Inserting mods on Legendary weapons is now free and instantaneous.

Weapon Archetypes

Fusion Rifles

  • Increased high-impact Fusion Rifle damage per bullet from 62 to 64.
  • Increased high-impact Fusion Rifle PvE damage bonus from 15 percent to 20 percent.

Breech Grenade Launchers

Rocket Launchers

Sniper Rifles

  • Reduced variance in aim assist scaling between low zoom (35 zoom) and high zoom (60 zoom) Sniper Rifles.
  • Cone scalar increased by ~25 percent on low zoom, reduced by ~9 percent on high zoom.

Pulse Rifles

  • Increased damage vs minors in PvE by 10 percent.

Exotic Weapons

Exotic Primary Ammo Weapons

  • Increased damage vs minors in PvE by 40 percent.

Trace Rifles

  • Increased damage vs minors in PvE by 40 percent.

The chaperone icon1.jpg Chaperone

  • Reduced passive range buff from 2m to 0.5m.

Duality icon1.jpg Duality

  • Reduced passive range buff in slug mode (i.e. when aiming down sights) from 1.25m to 0.5m (pellet mode is unaffected).
  • The On black wings icon1.png On Black Wings damage buff no longer clears on reload.

Tarrabah icon1.jpg Tarrabah

  • Now reduces perk progress by half instead of clearing it on weapon stow.
  • Increased duration increases for damaging a player slightly.

Ruinous Effigy icon.jpg Ruinous Effigy

  • Increased the damage dealt by guarding with a transmutation sphere by 66 percent (30 percent against players).

Lumina icon1.jpg Lumina

  • Increased range stat from 44 to 59.
  • Increased base stability stat from 46 to 56.

Ager's Scepter icon.jpg Ager's Scepter

  • Fixed being able to activate or continue using empowered mode while suppressed or Stasis.pngStasis encased.
  • Rebuilt the perk. Previously, the perk modified Super charge rate; now it freezes Super recharge and deducts Super directly, fixing several issues with activities that change charge rate and outliers for recharge based on Intellect stat.

Dead man's tale icon1.jpg Dead Man's Tale

  • Reduced the catalyst's hip-fire rate of fire from 150 RPM to 130 RPM.

Lorentz driver icon1.jpg Lorentz Driver and Arbalest icon1.jpg Arbalest

  • Doubled the amount of flinch received.

Forerunner icon1.jpg Forerunner

  • Increased ammo picked up from a Special icon.png Special ammo brick from 2 to 3 (or 4 to 5 with a Scavenger mod).

Legendary Weapons

  • Adjusted weapon stats on some older weapons

Hand Cannons

  • Updated out of band stats for old 150 RPM Hand Cannons.

Felwinter's Lie icon.jpg Felwinter's Lie

  • +15 percent spread angle.

Ikelos smg v1.0.2 icon1.jpg Ikelos SMG

  • +1 zoom, -5 range, -7 stability, -8 handling, -5 aim assist.
    • Dev Note: Typically we don't adjust stats on weapons at all post-ship, so we don't intend to do this regularly.


Hip-fire grip icon1.png Hip-fire Grip

  • Now increases damage falloff start and end distances by 20 percent (except on Shotgun, Sniper Rifle and Fusion Rifle).

Adagio icon1.png Adagio

  • Increased duration from 5s to 7s.
  • Increased damage bonus (except for on Bow and Fusion Rifle) from 25 percent to 30 percent.
  • Now adds +10 range.
  • Added a timer to the buff text to make it easier to tell when it's going to expire.

Dual loader icon1.png Dual Loader

  • Reduced reload stat penalty from -50 to -35.

Danger zone icon1.png Danger Zone

  • Reduced self-damage scalar for Grenade Launchers. Combined with the other scalars, this ends up reducing self-damage from 1.25x to 0.75x.

Tap the trigger icon1.png Tap the Trigger

  • On Fusion Rifles only:
    • Reduced stability bonus from +40 to +10.
    • Changed max recoil angle scale from 0.5 to 0.875.
    • Changed error angle scale from 0.9 to 0.975.
  • Unchanged on all other weapons

Eager edge icon1.png Eager Edge

  • Reduced lunge distance benefit while airborne by 25 percent.
  • Now caps maximum player airborne velocity (to a fairly high value) while active.

Headseeker icon1.png Headseeker

  • Extended buff duration from 0.17s to 0.3s (will now last for the full burst of an Aggressive Burst Pulse Rifle).


Void.pngVoid Subclasses

  • Reworked to fit Subclass 3.0 system. There are too many individual systemic changes to list here, but the Void.pngVoid subclasses now use the Aspect and Fragment system used by Stasis.pngStasis.
  • Standardized a set of buffs and debuffs aligned to the Void.pngVoid damage type:
    • Void Overshield -- You are armored with a protective barrier of Void Light. Reduces damage taken from combatants.
    • Void Invisibility -- You vanish from sight, and do not appear on enemy radar. Performing offensive actions will end Invisibility.
    • Devour -- Feast on the energy of your defeated foes. Kills restore you to full health, grant grenade energy, and extend Devour.
    • Void Weaken -- The target takes increased damage, and has their movement speed slowed. Afflicted combatants have difficulty firing accurately.
    • Suppression -- The target is taken out of any active abilities, and cannot activate any abilities or movement modes while Suppression persists. Afflicted combatants cannot fire their weapons.
    • Void Volatile -- The target is afflicted with unstable Void energy, andenergy and will explode upon taking additional damage.
  • Hovering over Aspects, Fragments, or abilities on the subclass screen now displays a tooltip flyout detailing any relevant status effects.
  • Some old subclass perks have been deprecated, while others have been rolled into base ability behavior, Fragments or Aspects with some changes to behavior as a result.
  • All classes now have access to all Void.pngVoid grenades.


Vortex grenade icon1.png Vortex Grenade

  • Now pulls enemies into the lingering damage field on impact.
  • Linger damage per tick reduced by 20 percent.
  • Detonation damage vs. players reduced by ~50 percent.
  • Base cooldown increased from 105s to 121s.

Spike grenade icon1.png Void Spike Grenade

  • Base cooldown reduced from 105s to 91s.

Voidwall grenade icon1.png Voidwall Grenade

  • Now more consistently expands to its full length over uneven terrain.

Scatter grenade icon1.png Scatter Grenade

  • Charged Scatter Grenade seeker lifetime before detonating and seeker tracking strength increased.
  • Nothing manacles icon1.jpg Nothing Manacles now inherits the charged grenade projectile directly and benefits from this change.
  • Base cooldown increased from 105s to 121s.

Suppressor grenade icon1.png Suppressor Grenade

  • Suppression effect now lasts 5s against player targets, down from 10s.


Nightstalker crest.png Nightstalker

  • Shadowshot icon1.png Shadowshot
    • Split Shadowshot into two separate variants -- Deadfall and Moebius Quiver.
    • Shadowshot: Deadfall icon1.png Deadfall
      • On impact, Deadfall Shadowshot now pulls nearby enemies into tether range before arming.
      • Duration of tether mark against players (the red X that is applied to tethered targets) reduced from 30s to 10s. Unchanged vs. PVE combatants.
      • Base direct impact damage decreased from 250 to 150.
        • Damage vs. combatants increased to compensate.
          • This increase varies by type and tier of combatant, but generally is significantly more damage than before.
      • Moved Deadfall Shadowshot to the tier 4 Super recharger tier (recharges more quickly than previous).
    • Shadowshot: Moebius quiver icon1.png Moebius Quiver
      • Each shot now fires a volley of three Void Arrows in a fan that seek to nearby enemies, Suppressing and Weakening them, and making them Volatile.
      • Reduced base direct impact damage per arrow from 250 to 125 and reduced bonus damage vs. tethered targets from 5x to 1.2x.
      • Increased base damage scalars vs. PVE combatants to compensate, moving much of the tethered target bonus damage back into base impact damage in PVE.
        • This increase varies by type and tier of combatant, butcombatant but is generally within the same damage profile as the previous Moebius Quiver in terms of total damage.
    • All Shadowshot variants
      • Now suppresses the target more quickly and reliably on direct impact.
      • Slightly lowered the collision size of the Shadowshot projectile to reduce instances where it would get caught on doorframes in close quarters activation.
      • Player maximum momentum while casting Shadowshot reduced:
        • In-air speed reduced from 5.5m/s to 3m/s.
        • Ground speed reduced from 8.5m/s to 5.5m/s.
          • This should reduce the number of instances of players flying off ofoff cliffs, into boss stomp range, or beyond the edge of the known universe while firing their Shadowshot arrows.
      • Fixed an issue where Shadowshot arrows would immediately delete when impacting a Barrier icon.pngBarrier Champion's shield.
  • Deprecated the Corrosive smoke icon1.png Corrosive Smoke ability and Heart of the Pack buff behavior.
  • Snare bomb icon1.png Snare Bomb
    • Now the default Nightstalker melee ability.
    • Now Weakens enemies on detonation.
    • Radar ping duration reduced to 5s after impact.
  • Vanish in smoke icon1.png Vanish Smoke Bomb
    • Deprecated as a standalone melee ability.
    • When the Trapper's Ambush Aspect.jpg Trapper's Ambush Aspect is equipped, your Snare Bomb will make nearby allies Invisible when it impacts a surface or enemy.

Stasis Subclass icon.png Revenant

  • Silence and Squall.png Silence and & Squall
    • Now follows boss or Champion targets if they move out of the Squall area. If the boss or Champion dies, the Squall will attempt to find a new target and move toward them.

Arcstrider crest.png Arcstrider

  • Arc staff icon1.png Arc Staff cooldown time increased from tier 3 to tier 2.


Sentinel crest.png Sentinel

  • Ward of dawn icon1.png Ward of Dawn
    • Now a standalone Super in recharge tier 5 (fastest recharge tier).
    • Weapons of Light outgoing damage bonus reduced from 35 percent to 25 percent.
    • Ward of Dawn can now take damage from Kinetic.pngKinetic weapons.
    • Now casts much more quickly as a result of being decoupled from the Sentinel Shield activator.
  • Sentinel shield icon1.png Sentinel Shield
    • Deprecated small shield block behavior.
      • Banner shield icon1.png Banner Shield is now the new base behavior for Sentinel Shield -- large guard size, generates Orbs of Power on blocking damage, can be shot through by allies, and provides a weapon damage boost for allied players behind the caster while guarding.
  • Shield bash icon1.png Shield Bash
    • Now grants a Void Overshield on kill.
  • Deprecated the Tactical strike icon1.png Tactical Strike and Defensive strike icon1.png Defensive Strike melee abilities, and the Turn the tide icon1.png Turn the Tide subclass passive perk.
  • Added a new ranged melee ability:
    • Shield Toss – Throw your Sentinel Shield, which ricochets between nearby enemies. Each hit with Shield Toss grants a small amount of Void Overshield.

Sunbreaker crest.png Sunbreaker

  • Sunspots
    • Damage vs. players reduced from 250hp/s to 75 hp/s.
  • Throwing hammer icon1.png Throwing Hammer
    • Fixed an issue causing this projectile melee to behave as a physical melee.

Striker crest.png Striker

Stasis Subclass icon.png Behemoth

  • GLACIAL QUAKE.png Glacial Quake cooldown time decreased from tier 1 to tier 2.
  • Glacial Quake ground follows (that create the three lines of crystals) now terminate early if they hit an allied Ward of Dawn.


Voidwalker crest.png Voidwalker

  • Nova bomb icon1.png Nova Bomb
    • Split Nova Bomb into two separate variants: Vortex and Cataclysm.
      • Nova Bomb: Vortex icon1.png Vortex
        • On impact, now pulls nearby enemies into the lingering damage field.
      • Nova Bomb: Cataclysm icon1.png Cataclysm
        • Increased travel speed by ~30 percent.
        • Added a short delay before Nova Bomb seekers spawn to reduce instances of them being caught in the detonation area and destroyed prematurely.
        • Decreased damage from the caster when shooting your own Nova Bomb.
          • Previously a scalar increased damage you dealt to your own Nova Bomb by 1000x; this has been reduced to 4x.
          • This is intended to reduce instances of accidentally destroying your Nova Bomb while in flight after firing it at a boss.
  • Deprecated the Entropic pull icon1.png Entropic Pull, Devour, and Atomic breach icon1.png Atomic Breach melee abilities, and the Dark matter icon1.png Dark Matter subclass passive perk.
  • Added a new ranged melee ability:
    • Pocket singularity icon.jpg Pocket Singularity
      • Launch an unstable ball of Void energy that detonates when it nears an enemy, pushing targets away from the blast and making them Volatile.
  • Handheld supernova icon1.png Handheld Supernova

Stasis Subclass icon.png Shadebinder

Dawnblade crest.png Dawnblade

  • Daybreak icon1.png Daybreak cooldown time increased from tier 2 to tier 1.

Void Aspects

Void Fragments


  • Rat king icon1.png Rat King and Assassin's cowl icon1.jpg Assassin's Cowl
    • Updated to use the new Void Invisibility buff.
  • Helm of saint-14 icon1.jpg Helm of Saint-14
    • Updated to use the new Void Overshield buff.
  • Stasis.pngStasis Crystals
    • Now take 90 percent less damage from PVE combatants.

Power and Progression

  • The Seasonal Artifact is no longer capped at 12 unlocks. Over the course of the Season, players will be able to continue earning artifact mod unlocks, potentially up to unlocking all 25 artifact mods.
  • Powerful and Pinnacle gear rewards have moved from Europa to the new destination in The Witch Queen.
  • Power bands have been updated/increased:
    • Floor: 1350 (up from 1100)
    • Soft Cap: 1500 (up from 1270)
    • Powerful Cap: 1550 (up from 1320)
    • Hard Cap: 1560 (up from 1330)
    • (The purchasable character boost has been updated accordingly and will increase your character's Power to the new Soft Cap of 1500.)
      • Character boosts will only be available for alt characters once one character has reached the soft cap.

Umbral Focusing

  • After many months of dutiful service, the Prismatic Recaster is removed from the H.E.L.M.
  • Gear focusing options for Season Ppass owners will reside on that Season’s vendor.
    • At Season start, players can focus Umbral engrams into Seasonal gear.
    • Focusing individual weapons and armor pieces will require two things: Having collected that gear piece before and owning the vendor upgrade for weapons or armor.

Bounties and Pursuits

  • Fixed a rare issue with the Lost Lament Exotic quest, causing which caused players to be stuck with the Broken Blade item from Banshee.
  • Added daily and repeatable calibration bounties for Glaives.
  • Added new bounties for Void.pngVoid status effects.
  • Added Stasis.pngStasis calibration bounty.
  • Dreaming City bounties have been updated to provide the same XP rewards as other bounties of the same kind (repeatable, daily, or weekly).



  • Fixed an issue allowing duplicate shaders to continue to drop from patrol chests. Looking at you, Powder blue icon1.jpg Powder Blue.


Season Pass Rewards

  • High-stat Seasonal armor has been reintroduced.
    • Individual pieces are awarded between ranks 57 and 87.
  • Legendary engrams have been replaced with focused Umbral engrams.
    • Five in total. Each focused to a different armor piece (arms, legs, chest, class, and head).
    • All Umbral engrams are tier 2.
  • The Season Pass emblem has been removed, but we have introduced a Season Pass Sparrow.
    • The Season Pass scrounger bonuses (bonuses which increased Seasonal weapon/armor drop chances in ritual activities) have been overhauled.
  • The weapon scrounger bonuses are no longer separated by weapon type or ritual activity. They now apply to both Season Pass Legendary weapons and all activities at once.
    • Two weapon scrounger bonuses instead of six.
    • The first bonus grants the player a small chance to receive earn the weapons from ritual activities. The second bonus gives an improved chance.
    • Total drop chance is unchanged from previous Seasons.
  • The armor scrounger bonuses are no longer separated by ritual activity. It now applies to all activities at once.
    • One armor scrounger bonus instead of three.
    • Like the weapon, the total drop chance for each armor piece is unchanged.
  • Aside from the emblem, no items have been removed from the Season Pass, only added.
    • A number of rewards such as Glimmer and Legendary Shards have been consolidated to make room for high-stat armor.
    • A small amount of Upgrade Modules have been added.
    • The order some rewards are acquired has been tuned to accommodate the above changes.

Platforms and Systems

  • Windows 10 (and up): Windowed HDR is now supported
    • To use windowed HDR, players must have the in-game HDR option enabled, and Windows 10 configured to have 'Use HDR' enabled for the specific display:
    • When playing Destiny in windowed HDR, the game will automatically swap between HDR and SDR if the window moves to a display without HDR support.
    • All players (SDR or HDR) that use the software OBS on Windows 10 (and up) with Window Capture: Ensure the 'Capture Method' is set to 'Windows Graphics Capture' or capturing will display a black screen. The BitBlt setting will continue to work for previous versions of Windows.
  • Windows 10 (and up): windowed fullscreen should provide the same (or better) performance compared to exclusive fullscreen.
  • Screenshots are now supported when playing in HDR on PC.
    • Screenshots must be taken using the in-game screenshot feature.
    • HDR screenshots will be tone-mapped to SDR and saved as lossless PNG files.
  • Display calibration improvements (all platforms).
    • Players in HDR will see an updated calibration UI screen to adjust their settings.
    • HDR calibration settings have been updated with friendlier functionality to accommodate the wide range of HDR display capabilities and viewing environments.
    • SDR and HDR calibration settings are no longer stored account-wide and old settings have been reset.
      • Display calibration settings are now stored per-platform: PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series S and X, PS4, PS5, and Stadia.
    • SDR brightness settings no longer affect the game when playing in HDR.


  • Adjusted the physics knockback for boss stomps. This will should result in fewer deaths from being knocked into an object.
  • Tangled Shore and the Forsaken campaign have entered the Destiny Content Vault.
  • Removed all Wanted enemies and Silent Fang missions from Nessus and the EDZ.
  • Petra Venj bounties can now be purchased from the Destiny Companion App without requiring a character to be on the Dreaming City destination.
  • Some items that were previously sold by the Drifter or dropped from the Primeval Servitor boss in Gambit now have a small chance of dropping upon completion of a Gambit match.
  • Players above the Soft Cap (1500 Power) will no longer receive Rare (blue) drops from playlist activity completions (Crucible, Gambit, Vanguard).
  • Players above the Soft Cap will have an increased chance at Legendary weapons and armor drops, or a small amount of Legendary Shards.
  • Returning players who have no Power weapon equipped will now have a Rocket Launcher granted to them on login. Thank the Light!
  • In Season 16, Amanda Holliday will now reward a new emblem to players that complete the Twitch Subscription bounties through the Destiny 2 Twitch Extension.


  • Xûr now sells Hawkmoon icon1.jpg Hawkmoon and Dead man's tale icon1.jpg Dead Man's Tale.
    • He will offer a unique roll of both weapons each week.
  • Master Rahool now offers a Material Exchange and will be the source for purchasing Enhancement Prism icon.jpg Enhancement Prisms and Ascendant Shard icon.jpg Ascendant Shards.
  • Banshee-44 and Ada-1 now offer four mods at a time (Increased from two).
  • Banshee-44 has been updated utilize the new reputation system used by other vendors in the tower such as Shaxx, Zavala, the Drifter, and Saint-14.
  • The Drifter now offers weapon and armor focusing.
    • New Gambit engrams can be spent on focused equipment from the Drifter, or be decrypted by Master Rahool.
  • Shaw Han
  • Ikora Rey
    • From her overlook in the Tower Bazaar, Ikora will now teach all classes the Void abilities, Aspects, and Fragments they have yet to unlock on their character.
      • However, easily learning new Void abilities comes with a cost: each new ability learned requires large quantities of reprogrammable matter (Glimmer) and a nearby meditation device to expedite the process.
    • Returning characters with a Void subclass will have the majority of their abilities unlocked upon character login.
      • Grenades that were not accessible to a class prior to The Witch Queen launch will still need to be learned from Ikora.
    • For new characters, Ikora will offer quests to earn their Solar and Arc subclasses once they have reached her step in the A Spark of Hope questline.

New Light

  • Changes alongside Void 3.0:
    • All new characters will start with the reworked Void 3.0 subclass regardless of class.
    • Solar and Arc subclasses may still be unlocked for all classes via quests. These quests are available after finishing the A Guardian Rises questline and talking to Ikora Rey during the A Spark of Hope quest.
    • New characters will start with Void subclass abilities intended to be more friendly and appealing to new players. Additional abilities may be unlocked by talking to Ikora in the Tower.
    • New Quest: Learning Light
      • During the Schism mission, players will acquire a new quest called Learning Light that teaches them more about their subclass abilities.
      • This quest is only available to new characters and existing characters that have not yet finished the Schism mission in the A Guardian Rises questline.
      • This quest is not required to complete the A Guardian Rises questline.
  • A Guardian Rises questline
    • The second Sacrifice questline step requiring players to purchase a bounty from Shaw Han has been removed.
    • The Seek and Destroy questline step no longer requires completing a bounty to progress.
    • The Welcoming Committee questline step, where players meet Ikora for the first time, now has a new VO introduction performance for her character.
  • A Spark of Hope questline
    • After completing the first step in the questline, Zavala will now ask players to play the first mission of The Witch Queen campaign instead of Beyond Light.
  • Cosmodrome destination
    • A precarious but usable path has been welded together to help New Lights climb from The Divide into the Exodus Garden 2A Lost Sector.
    • An issue has been resolved where players on the Guardian Rises mission would not see the Ketch fly-by performance in The Divide if another player on that same mission was already present.
  • Europa destination
    • Europa has been added to the destination XP-based unlock flow for New Light players.


  • Eris for Brazilian Portuguese has been re-recorded to replace soundalike.
  • Ghost for Mexican Spanish has been re-recorded to replace soundalike.
  • Ghost and Drifter for Castilian Spanish have been partially re-recorded to replace soundalike.
    • Will be fully re-recorded in the next update.
  • Zavala for Mexican Spanish has been re-casted and re-recorded.


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