Whisper Catalyst

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Whisper Catalyst
Whisper Catalyst icon.jpg
Name Whisper Catalyst
Season 3
Type Catalyst
Rarity Exotic
Related Item Whisper of the Worm
Description This weapon generates Orbs on multikills and displays the number of enemies defeated by using it. When upgraded to a Masterwork, this weapon receives additional bonuses.
Source Found in the realm of subterranean whispers.
Mission icon.png The Whisper (Heroic)
Quest Reward.

Whisper Catalyst is the Catalyst of Whisper of the Worm.

Masterwork Perks

  • +27 Reload Speed

Box Breathing icon.png Whispered Breathing - Aiming this weapon without firing for a brief moment grants bonus range and precision damage while it remains zoomed.


Obtain Blighted Essence from "The Whisper (Heroic)" to unlock this upgrade.

  • Blighted Essence: 100% (50)


  • Completing The Whisper (Heroic) rewards 12 Blighted Essences, looting a hidden chest grants 1 Blighted Essence. These sources grant loot only once per reset.

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