Mod Components

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Mod Components
Mod components icon1.jpg
Type Material
Rarity Legendary
Description Advanced components obtained from dismantling Legendary-quality weapon and armor mods. A Gunsmith can use these to create new mods.

Mod Components is a Material.

How to Obtain

  • Dismantling any Legendary Mod yields 1 Mod Components item for each mod dismantled.
  • Banshee Daily Bounties yield 2 Mod Components
  • You can purchase Mod Components from Ada-1 for 25 Gunsmith Materials and 3 Legendary Shards

Used For

  • Creating Legendary Mods at Banshee-44's shop
    • Create Armor Mod and Create Weapon Mod options both require 2 Mod Components and 1000 Glimmer for each purchase, producing a random Legendary Armor Mod or Weapon Mod, respectively.
    • Specific Legendary Mods currently in stock require 5 Mod Components and 10 Legendary Shards for each purchase.

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