Legendary Shards

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Remnants of powerful items. Used to improve gear or trade for other items.

Legendary Shards are a type of currency which is obtained by dismantling Legendary and Exotic gear.


  • Dismantling a piece of Legendary equipment yields Legendary shards icon1.png3.
  • Dismantling a piece of Exotic equipment yields Legendary shards icon1.png5.
  • Dismantling a Legendary cosmetic item yields Legendary shards icon1.png1.
  • Legendary Shards may occasionally be obtained as an additional reward from Faction Engrams in quantities of Legendary shards icon1.png2 to Legendary shards icon1.png7.


Legendary Shards can be used to buy Exotic gear from Xûr, Legendary armor and weapons from destination vendors, mods and upgrade materials from Banshee-44 and other items.

Aside from that, Legendary Shards are consumed for upgrading weapons and armor, and restoring a Legendary or Exotic item from the player's collection.