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Name Banshee-44
Title Gunsmith
Race Exo
Gender Male
Location The Tower
Description Banshee-44 has lived many lives. As master weaponsmith for the Tower, he supplies Guardians with only the best.

Banshee-44 is bound to be the Gunsmith you see the most of in this game, but with his role as an NPC and a Vendor, it makes sense just why Banshee-44 is so popular. Dealing entirely in weapons, Banshee-44 is the go-to stop for anything that shoots bullets, be they green or a Legendary. Just be aware, Banshee-44 isn’t available until after you’ve beaten the game for the first time, so don’t go in search of this Vendor until you’ve completed the main campaign.


Only available until after you beat the game for the very first time, Banshee-44 can be found in one location and one location alone:

  • The Tower – Just to the right side of the Tower courtyard, you’ll find Banshee-44 hanging out around his regular booth, with many guns in sight.


Available to the player in terms of reputation rewards, Banshee-44 can turn 100 Gunsmith Materials into a fully-fledged Faction Reward, a Gunsmith Engram with an appearance similar to that of a Legendary Engram.

To acquire Gunsmith Materials, you must dismantle weapons, armor, and gear that is Rare (Blue) or higher and you will either receive one or multiple Gunsmith Materials to bring back to Banshee-44 for some more reputation toward Gunsmith Engram

Banshee-44 also gives you Weekly Challenges which gives you Powerful Gear when Completed.

Vendor Goods

The goods available for acquisition from Banshee-44 are split into two categories: Gear Mods and Exchange Gear Mods.

Gear Mods

Exchange Gear Mods

Only visible when the player has at least 3 duplicates of any Rare Weapon or Armor Mod, options in this section allow the player to trade in 3 same-type Rare mods for a single Legendary mod of the same type (e.g. trading in three Rare Solar Impact Mods grants a Legendary Solar Impact Mod). Other than the Rare Mods which are turned in, there is no cost associated with mod exchanges.

External Sources

  • Destiny Loot Cave - provides current daily vendor inventory including Banshee-44's current mods.

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