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Name Banshee-44
Title Gunsmith
Race Exo
Gender Male
Location The Tower
Description Banshee-44 has lived many lives. As master weaponsmith for the Tower, he supplies Guardians with only the best.

Banshee-44 is the Gunsmith.


  • The Tower — on the western side of the Tower Courtyard, behind the Vault.


Banshee sells six weapons from the world drop loot pool, two weapons each from the Kinetic, Energy, and Power slots. These weapons change weekly, and their perks are randomly determined at the beginning of the week. Their Power Level will be at the current Power floor, and they will be at the Masterwork base tier. In addition, Banshee also sells four random Weapon Mods (excluding Adept mods and mods from raids).

Upgrade Modules can be bought using two different types of destination materials. These will be the same materials as the Upgrade Modules offered by Ada-1.



The following list is the pool of weapons that Banshee can currently sell from. Each week, he will sell two weapons from each category, for a total of six.

Kinetic Weapons

Energy Weapons

Power Weapons

  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 These Swords can only be equipped and used by their respective class. All three will be sold in the same week, taking up one of the two Power Weapon slots, but the player's current class will determine which Sword shows up in Banshee's inventory. Switching to a character with a different class will change it to that class' Sword.

Rank Rewards

Players can increase their rank with Banshee by completing bounties, or by dismantling weapons and armor items. Dismantling Rare items gives 1 point of reputation each, while Legendary and Exotic items give 3 points of reputation each. Rewards can be obtained when certain ranks are reached. Rank can be reset to 1 after rank 16 is completed. Rank will be reset to 1 at the beginning of the next season, and any unclaimed rewards will be lost.

Season of the Risen

No Resets 1+ Resets
Every Rank Legendary engram icon1.png Gunsmith Engram
Every Major Rank text-center Legendary Engram N/A
Rank 4 2 text-center Enhancement Cores
Rank 7 2 Upgrade Module.jpg Upgrade Modules
Rank 10 2 text-center Enhancement Cores
Rank 13 2 Upgrade Module.jpg Upgrade Modules
Rank 16 Ascendant Alloy icon.jpg Ascendant Alloy
Reset Rank (Rank 16 Completed) text-center Ascendant Shard Exotic engram icon1.png Exotic Engram



Banshee offers Catalyst quests only if the player has obtained a corresponding weapon.


Banshee offers four daily and repeatable bounties.