Points Piercing Forever

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Points Piercing Forever
Points Piercing Forever icon.jpg
Season 13
Type Quest
Rarity Exotic
Steps 3
Vendors Banshee-44
Rewards Ticuu's Divination Catalyst

Points Piercing Forever is an Exotic Quest.

1. Points Piercing Forever


Siphon energy for the Ticuu's Divination catalyst by collecting Orbs of Power, defeating combatants, and defeating Guardians.

"That Bow is hungry for energy. It's like nothing I've ever seen." —Banshee-44


  • Combatants defeated: 100
  • Guardians defeated: 50
  • Orbs of Power collected: 100

2. Points Piercing Forever


Complete strike playlists, The Ordeal, Gambit, Crucible, and defeat combatants with Ticuu's Divination.

Crucible/Gambit wins and higher-tier Ordeal completions provide additional progress.

The catalyst hums with power, but still needs to be calibrated before it is fully functional.


  • Calibration data generated: 200
  • Combatants defeated with Ticuu's Divination: 100
  • Guardians defeated with Ticuu's Divination: 50

3. Points Piercing Forever


Return to Banshee-44 to receive the repaired catalyst.

"That's all the energy this thing needs," nods Banshee-44 as he hands you the completed catalyst. "Let me tell you, I think there's something funny about this bow. It messes with my internal chronometer."

"It feels like that thing was meant for your hands. Like it always belonged there."



Ticuu's Divination Catalyst icon.jpg Ticuu's Divination Catalyst
Perfectly drawn arrows that detonate Sacred Flames increase arrow damage. Striking targets unaffected by Sacred Flame instead refreshes Causality Arrows' duration.