The Drifter

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The Drifter
The Drifter npc.png
Name The Drifter
Title Rogue Lightbearer
Race Human
Gender Male
Location The Tower
Description The name says it all.

The Drifter is a Rogue Lightbearer, acting as the interim Hunter Vanguard in place of the late Cayde-6. He manages quests, bounties, and rewards related to Gambit.


  • The Tower — In the Annex, in the room between the Landing Zone and Ada-1.

Vendor Tooltip

This tooltip appears when hovering over the icon in the upper-left corner of the vendor screen:


  • Complete Gambit matches to earn Gambit Ranks. Winning or completing multiple matches in a row grants additional progress.
  • Complete Ranks to earn Gambit Engrams.
  • Earn Gambit weapons at the end of matches, in engrams, or from focusing more weapon perks as you complete up to 4 Rank resets in a Season.

Weekly Challenges

Name Description Objectives Rewards
Shady Schemes Complete bounties from this vendor to earn powerful rewards.
  • Bounties: 8

Gambit Rank

"I don't care if you win or lose. I just want you to get paid. Heh." —The Drifter

Complete Gambit matches to gain Gambit Rank points. Complete them back-to-back to increase your activity streak. Earn more points with higher streaks.

Starting a different ritual activity may reduce your streak.

Players can increase their rank with the Drifter (sometimes referred to as Infamy) by completing Gambit matches. Completing matches will also increase the player's Gambit activity streak, granting increased reputation rewards with each match, up to a maximum streak of 5. The player's current streak can be seen by hovering over the reputation icon on the Gambit screen in the Director. Completing Vanguard, Crucible, or Dares of Eternity activities will reduce the player's Gambit streak while adding to those activities' streaks. Players can only have a total of 5 streak progress across all four activity types, rebalancing depending on the activities completed.[1]

Each rank will reward a Gambit Engram icon.png Gambit Engram, stored on the Drifter's vendor screen, which can either be decrypted into gear from the current Gambit loot pool, or focused into specific items in the Focused Decoding and Legacy Gear sub-menus. They have a maximum capacity of 99, and will disappear at the end of the season if not used.

Some weeks will feature a modifier that increases the amount of Gambit Rank points gained. When this is active, an "Increased Gambit Rank" modifier will be visible when launching Gambit. This modifier will be active until the next Tuesday reset. Bonus Gambit Rank weeks are usually announced the weekend before through a "Next Week in Destiny" alert in-game.

Rank can be reset to 1 after rank 16 is completed. Resetting rank once will give a chance for weapons obtained from Gambit match completions, Gambit Engram decryptions, and Focused Decoding to drop with additional Traits in the third and fourth perk columns. The chance and number of additional perks increase with each reset, up to 4 resets.[2]


Rank Number Rank Name Total Points Needed Points Until Next Rank
3 GUARDIAN III 125 125
4 BRAVE I 250 250
5 BRAVE II 500 450
6 BRAVE III 950 600
7 HEROIC I 1,550 375
8 HEROIC II 1,925 600
9 HEROIC III 2,525 825
10 FABLED I 3,350 525
11 FABLED II 3,875 775
12 FABLED III 4,650 1,050
13 MYTHIC I 5,700 750
14 MYTHIC II 6,450 1,075
15 MYTHIC III 7,525 1,475
16 LEGEND 9,000 1,000
(Maximum Rank)
10,000 N/A

Rank Rewards

Rewards can be obtained when certain ranks are reached. Rank will be automatically reset to 1 at the beginning of the next season, and any unclaimed rewards will be lost.

Season of the Witch

No Resets 1 Reset 2+ Resets
Every Rank Gambit Engram icon.png Gambit Engram
Every Major Rank Prime Engram icon.png Powerful Gear (World Loot Pool gear) N/A
Rank 4 3 Enhancement core icon1.jpg Enhancement Cores 3 Upgrade Module.jpg Upgrade Modules
Rank 7 Night vision icon1.jpg Night Vision (Shader) 3 Enhancement core icon1.jpg Enhancement Cores
Rank 10 2 Enhancement Prism icon.jpg Enhancement Prisms 3 Enhancement core icon1.jpg Enhancement Cores
Rank 13 Banked Projection icon.jpg Banked Projection (Ghost Projection) 2 Enhancement Prism icon.jpg Enhancement Prisms
Rank 16 Malediction icon1.jpg Malediction (Hand Cannon) Mulled envy icon1.jpg Mulled Envy (Malediction Weapon Ornament) 2 Enhancement Prism icon.jpg Enhancement Prisms
Reset Rank (Rank 16 Completed) Ascendant Shard icon.jpg Ascendant Shard Exotic engram icon1.png Exotic Engram

Past Seasons

See also: The Drifter/Past Seasons

Focused Decoding

The Drifter Focused Decoding icon.jpg

Gambit Engrams, earned by increasing one's rank with the Drifter, can be focused into specific weapons and armor items with random rolls. Alternatively, they can be decrypted from the vendor screen to reward random drops from the current Gambit loot pool. To focus an engram into a specific item, the item must first be unlocked in Collections.

Each item costs 1 Gambit Engram icon.png Gambit Engram, Legendary shards icon1.png25, and Glimmer1.png5,000.


Decoded weapons will have one trait in the third and fourth perk columns. Resetting rank once with the Drifter will give a chance for these weapons to decode or drop with additional traits in these columns. More resets will increase this chance, as well as the number of additional perks, up to 4 resets.[2]


Titan Hunter Warlock
Helmet Viperidax Helmet Titan icon.jpg Viperidax Helmet Viperidax helmet icon1.jpg Viperidax Helmet Viperidax hood icon1.jpg Viperidax Hood
Gauntlets Viperidax gauntlets icon1.jpg Viperidax Gauntlets Viperidax grips icon1.jpg Viperidax Grips Viperidax gloves icon1.jpg Viperidax Gloves
Chest Armor Viperidax plate icon1.jpg Viperidax Plate Viperidax vest icon1.jpg Viperidax Vest Viperidax robes icon1.jpg Viperidax Robes
Leg Armor Viperidax greaves icon1.jpg Viperidax Greaves Viperidax strides icon1.jpg Viperidax Strides Viperidax boots icon1.jpg Viperidax Boots

Note: The Viperidax Class Items (Viperidax mark icon1.jpg Viperidax Mark, Viperidax cloak icon1.jpg Viperidax Cloak, and Viperidax bond icon1.jpg Viperidax Bond) cannot be focused.

Legacy Gear

The Drifter Legacy Gear icon.jpg

Gambit Engrams can also be focused into older weapons and armor sets that are no longer in the current Gambit/engram pool. These items can be focused without having acquired them in Collections. However, items will cost more to focus if they have not been previously obtained.

Legacy Weapons

If in Collections, a legacy weapon costs 1 Gambit Engram icon.png Gambit Engram, Legendary shards icon1.png25, and Glimmer1.png5,000.

Legacy Armor

If not in Collections, a legacy armor item costs 3 Gambit Engram icon.png Gambit Engrams, Legendary shards icon1.png50, and Glimmer1.png10,000.

If in Collections, a legacy armor item costs 1 Gambit Engram icon.png Gambit Engram, Legendary shards icon1.png25, and Glimmer1.png5,000.

Legacy Armor I

Titan Hunter Warlock
Helmet Ancient apocalypse helm icon1.jpg Ancient Apocalypse Helm Ancient apocalypse mask icon1.jpg Ancient Apocalypse Mask Ancient apocalypse hood icon1.jpg Ancient Apocalypse Hood
Gauntlets Ancient apocalypse gauntlets icon1.jpg Ancient Apocalypse Gauntlets Ancient apocalypse grips icon1.jpg Ancient Apocalypse Grips Ancient apocalypse gloves icon1.jpg Ancient Apocalypse Gloves
Chest Armor Ancient apocalypse plate icon1.jpg Ancient Apocalypse Plate Ancient apocalypse vest icon1.jpg Ancient Apocalypse Vest Ancient apocalypse robes icon1.jpg Ancient Apocalypse Robes
Leg Armor Ancient apocalypse greaves icon1.jpg Ancient Apocalypse Greaves Ancient apocalypse strides icon1.jpg Ancient Apocalypse Strides Ancient apocalypse boots icon1.jpg Ancient Apocalypse Boots
Class Item Ancient apocalypse mark icon1.jpg Ancient Apocalypse Mark Ancient apocalypse cloak icon1.jpg Ancient Apocalypse Cloak Ancient apocalypse bond icon1.jpg Ancient Apocalypse Bond

Legacy Armor II

Titan Hunter Warlock
Helmet Calamity rig helm icon1.jpg Calamity Rig Helm Calamity rig mask icon1.jpg Calamity Rig Mask Calamity rig cover icon1.jpg Calamity Rig Cover
Gauntlets Calamity rig gauntlets icon1.jpg Calamity Rig Gauntlets Calamity rig sleeves icon1.jpg Calamity Rig Sleeves Calamity rig gloves icon1.jpg Calamity Rig Gloves
Chest Armor Calamity rig plate icon1.jpg Calamity Rig Plate Calamity rig vest icon1.jpg Calamity Rig Vest Calamity rig robes icon1.jpg Calamity Rig Robes
Leg Armor Calamity rig greaves icon1.jpg Calamity Rig Greaves Calamity rig strides icon1.jpg Calamity Rig Strides Calamity rig boots icon1.jpg Calamity Rig Boots
Class Item Calamity rig mark icon1.jpg Calamity Rig Mark Calamity rig cloak icon1.jpg Calamity Rig Cloak Calamity rig bond icon1.jpg Calamity Rig Bond





The Drifter sells 4 randomly chosen Gambit bounties daily for Glimmer1.png250 each. They each reward XP+.


The Drifter offers repeatable Gambit bounties for Glimmer1.png3000 each. They each reward XP and 10 Bright dust1.pngBright Dust.

Patch History

    • Ritual vendors in the Tower (Zavala, Shaxx, Drifter, Banshee-44, Saladin, Saint-14) now have help tooltips describing the core ritual and reputation, as well as explaining some of the less visible features.
      • Legacy Gear focusing options added to the Drifter.[5]
      • Gambit Engram icon.png Gambit Engrams no longer need to be claimed, and can now be decrypted through Drifter's vendor screen.
    • Some items that were previously sold by the Drifter or dropped from the Primeval Servitor boss in Gambit now have a small chance of dropping upon completion of a Gambit match.
    • The Drifter now offers weapon and armor focusing.
      • New Gambit engrams can be spent on focused equipment from the Drifter, or be decrypted by Master Rahool.


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