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Linear Fusion Rifles are a subtype of Fusion Rifles that have superior range and fire a single precise pulse.

Arbalest is currently the only Linear Fusion Rifle that goes into the Kinetic slot.

Linear Fusion Rifles by Rarity


WeaponImageSlotImpactRangeStabilityHandlingReload SpeedCharge TimeMagazine
ArbalestArbalest icon1.jpgKinetic41425533355335
Sleeper SimulantSleeper Simulant icon1.jpgPower Weapons416341413610244
The QueenbreakerThe queenbreaker icon1.jpgPower Weapons41558246646335


WeaponImageSlotImpactRangeStabilityHandlingReload SpeedCharge TimeMagazine
Corsair's WrathCorsair's wrath icon1.jpgPower Weapons41414432305335
Crooked Fang-4frCrooked fang-4fr icon1.jpgPower Weapons41343636355336
Dead-EnderDead-ender icon1.jpgPower Weapons41414632285335
Komodo-4FRKomodo-4fr icon1.jpgPower Weapons41434932335335
Line in the SandLine in the sand icon1.jpgPower Weapons41364833315335
Man o' WarMan o war icon1.jpgPower Weapons41554730285335
TarantulaTarantula icon1.jpgPower Weapons41604332315336
Threaded NeedleThreaded needle icon1.jpgPower Weapons41435235285335


WeaponImageSlotImpactRangeStabilityHandlingReload SpeedCharge TimeMagazine
King Cobra-4FRKing cobra-4fr icon1.jpgPower Weapons41634128315335

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