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Arbalest icon1.jpg
Season 6
Type Linear Fusion Rifle
Slot Kinetic
Ammo Special
Rarity Exotic
Damage Type Kinetic
Description "We didn't have linear fusions in the Dark Age. But we made it work." —The Drifter
Impact 41
Range 42
Stability 55
Handling 33
Reload Speed 35
Charge Time 533
Magazine 5
Zoom 25
Inventory Size 34
Aim Assistance 61
Recoil 77
Bounce Intensity 23
Bounce Direction Tends Right
Exotic Engram Exotic Engram
May rarely be obtained upon completion of any challenge or dropped from defeated enemies.
Xûr Xûr
Occasionally sells this weapon in exchange for 29 Legendary Shards.
Arbalest PvP Stats

Arbalest is an Exotic Linear Fusion Rifle.

Perks - Curated Roll


  • Compounding force icon1.png Compounding Force - Fires slugs that cause massive damage to elemental shields of enemy combatants.

Sight / Barrel

  • Extended barrel icon1.png Extended Barrel - Weighty barrel extension.
    • Increases Range.
    • Decreases Handling Speed.

Magazine / Battery

Trait 1

  • Disruption break icon1.png Disruption Break - Breaking an enemy's shield with this weapon makes them more vulnerable to Kinetic damage for a brief period.

Trait 2

  • Composite stock icon1.png Composite Stock - This weapon has a versatile dual-purpose stock.
    • Slightly increases Stability.
    • Slightly increases Handling Speed.


  • This weapon was formerly available as a Quest Reward during The Revelry.
  • This weapon can be obtained randomly from Exotic Engrams, and is occasionally sold by Xûr.


"Nah. Dark Age version was better."

"You and I remember the Dark Age differently."

"I'll take a hard projectile over energy any day. No better way to make sure the target is dead."

"Energy is for silencing barriers. Fists are all I need to administer blunt-force trauma."

"I forget you used to be a Warlord."

"What do you mean 'used to?'"

"I thought you'd thrown in with Saladin and Felwinter."

"I did. But I never stopped being me."

"Then why—"

"'Warlord' is too many syllables."

"Gambit needs more candidates like you. Should stop by sometime. Whatever you want to call yourself."

"Thank you. You're a liar and a cheat. Stay out of my Crucible."



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