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Arbalest icon1.jpg
Season 6
Type Linear Fusion Rifle
Slot Kinetic
Ammo Special
Rarity Exotic
Damage Type Kinetic
Description "We didn't have linear fusions in the Dark Age. But we made it work." —The Drifter
Impact 41
Range 36
Stability 50
Handling 25
Reload Speed 28
Charge Time 533
Magazine 5
Zoom 25
Inventory Size 34
Aim Assistance 31
Airborne Effectiveness 12
Recoil 77
Bounce Intensity 23
Bounce Direction Tends Right
Exotic engrams; extremely rare world drops.
Exotic engram icon1.png Exotic Engram
Possible reward. Does not require any expansion to obtain as a drop from Exotic Engrams.
Another last city icon1.jpg Another Last City
Quest reward. Requires Lightfall.
Xur icon1.png Xûr
Occasionally sells this weapon in exchange for 29 Legendary Shards. Requires Forsaken Pack to purchase.
Arbalest PvP Stats

Arbalest is an Exotic Linear Fusion Rifle.

Perks - Curated Roll


  • Compounding force icon1.png Compounding Force - Fires slugs that cause massive damage to combatant shields. Strong against Barrier icon.png Barrier Champions.


  • Extended barrel icon1.png Extended Barrel - Weighty barrel extension.
    • Increases range
    • Decreases handling speed
    • Moderately controls recoil



  • Disruption break icon1.png Disruption Break - Breaking a combatant's shield with this weapon makes them more vulnerable to Kinetic damage for an improved duration.


  • Composite stock icon1.png Composite Stock - This weapon has a versatile dual-purpose stock.
    • Slightly increases Stability.
    • Slightly increases Handling Speed.


  • Genesis icon1.png Genesis - Breaking a combatant's shield with this weapon fills its magazine from reserves. Energy weapons regenerate ammo on hit when matching the damage type to the combatant's shield.

Arbalest Catalyst can be found by completing strikes, Crucible and Gambit matches. Its upgrade is unlocked by defeating 500 enemies with Arbalest.

The Catalyst increases Arbalest's Handling stat by 20, increases its Magazine stat by 30, and adds the Genesis perk.


  • The Forsaken Pack is required in order to purchase this weapon when Xûr is selling it, but players do not need to own the Forsaken Pack to obtain it as a drop from Exotic Engrams.
  • This weapon was originally obtained as a quest reward during The Revelry.


"Nah. Dark Age version was better."

"You and I remember the Dark Age differently."

"I'll take a hard projectile over energy any day. No better way to make sure the target is dead."

"Energy is for silencing barriers. Fists are all I need to administer blunt-force trauma."

"I forget you used to be a Warlord."

"What do you mean 'used to?'"

"I thought you'd thrown in with Saladin and Felwinter."

"I did. But I never stopped being me."

"Then why—"

"'Warlord' is too many syllables."

"Gambit needs more candidates like you. Should stop by sometime. Whatever you want to call yourself."

"Thank you. You're a liar and a cheat. Stay out of my Crucible."



Weapon Ornaments

Patch History


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