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Recoil Direction is an expression of a weapon's recoil path.

Recoil can be broken down into 2 components: Bounce Direction and Bounce Intensity.

Bounce Direction

Recoil Direction, as its name implies, decides the general direction a player's camera deviates when shooting. This sideways recoil direction oscillates between left and right.

Value 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100
Direction Right Left Right Left Right Left Right Left Right Left Vertical
  • Recoil Direction values that end in 5 tend vertically.
  • Recoil Direction values that end in 0 tend to the side.
  • Recoil Direction values 96-99 tend right
  • 100 Recoil direction tends vertically

Bounce Intensity

Recoil Direction also decides Bounce Intensity, <DEFINITION NEEDED>. Bounce Intensity is calculated by taking the compliment of Recoil Direction.

BounceIntensity = 100 - RecoilDirection

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