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Range is a measurement of how far the rounds fired from a weapon can travel before experiencing damage falloff. Velocity is used instead for Rocket Launchers and Grenade Launchers.

Effective Range

When aiming down sights, A weapon's range is multiplied by its zoom to produce its effective range. The Range stat is only accurate across weapon types as a measure of damage falloff range while hip-firing.

Aim Assistance

Range affects the distance that aim assistance will still take effect. Increases range increases the distance.

Range Cap

Different weapon architypes have range caps where further increases in the range stat no longer effect damage falloff and only increase the distance that aim assistance will take effect.

Displayed Attributes AttackImpactRangeStabilityHandlingReload SpeedBlast RadiusVelocityCharge TimeSwing SpeedEfficiencyDefense (Sword)MagazineRounds Per MinuteDraw TimeAccuracy
Hidden Attributes ZoomInventory SizeAim AssistanceRecoil Direction
Armor Defense (Armor)MobilityResilienceRecoveryDisciplineIntellectStrength

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