By Your Bootstraps

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By Your Bootstraps
By your bootstraps icon1.jpg
Season 6
Type Quest
Rarity Legendary
Steps 2
Vendors The Drifter
Rewards 21% Delirium

By Your Bootstraps is a Legendary Quest.

1. By Your Bootstraps


Complete Gambit Triumph Notorious Hustle.

"Lemme let you in on a little secret. C'mere. You wanna be strong? Rich? No-tor-i-ous? Ain't nothin'; like that comes for free—and yeah, I see that look you're givin' me, like, 'where do you get off, I know that already.' Ha! Sure you do. Show me." —The Drifter


Triumph completed: 1


  • The objective will render completion in orbit.

2. By Your Bootstraps


Return to the Drifter to claim 21% Delirium.

"Not too shabby. Maybe you're different than the rest of these soft Tower freaks. Everyone here's lookin' for a free handout. But I gotta hand it to you… You really earned this one. Come on by the Annex. I've got a little snack for ya." —The Drifter


Reward claimed: 1


21% delirium icon1.jpg
Arc 21% Delirium
Heavy ammo Machine Gun

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