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Ada npc.png
Name Ada-1
Title Armor Synthesis
Race Exo
Gender Female
Location The Tower
Description Advanced Prototype Exo and warden of the Black Armory.

Ada-1 is the Black Armory Curator and vendor for Armor Synthesis.


  • The Tower — at the western end of the Annex.


See also: Ada-1/Past Seasons

Ada sells three armor sets from the world drop loot pool, one for each class. The armor changes weekly, and its stat rolls are randomly determined at the beginning of the week. Their Power Level will be at the current Power floor, and they will be at the Masterwork base tier. She also sells four random Armor mods daily, including Combat Style Mods.


The following list is the pool of armor sets that Ada can currently sell from. Each week, she will sell one armor set. Each class will be able to purchase their version of that armor set, usually consisting of five pieces total.



Ada's Threader bounties are random, grouped by activity in which they can be completed. A character can hold no more than one Threader bounty of each type at a time. The player can complete no more than 10 Threader bounties per class during a single season.

Each bounty costs Glimmer1.png10,000.

Patch History


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