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Ada npc.png
Name Ada-1
Title Black Armory Curator
Race Exo
Gender Female
Location The Tower Annex
Description Ada-1, curator of the mysterious Black Armory, is torn between upholding tradition and adapting to an ever-changing world.

Ada-1 is the Black Armory Curator.


She can be found in the far west part of the Tower Annex. Starting in the Annex landing zone, the player should go up the stairs in front of them and a bit forward into the brightly lit area, then turn left and proceed into the corridor that leads to Ada's place.


Most of Ada's stock are quests of some kind, but she does sell several items:


There is a small chance of getting a rare bounty upon claiming reward for any of Ada's bounties. One of them has to be completed while on the quest for Izanagi's Burden, so it is recommended that the player completes one if they happen to get it before doing the quest, but does not claim its rewards. A completed but unclaimed bounty can stay in the quest log even after its time expires.





Ada offers three Exotic quests, and repeatable Weapon Frame quests. Each Weapon Frame can be bought with 1 Ballistics Log, but the player can hold only one at a time, and it is converted back into a Ballistics Log if the quest is not finished until weekly reset. Each Research Weapon Frame can be bought with 4 Modulus Reports and gives an augmented weapon from a related activity as a reward. Augmented weapons have 3 trait perks, two of which the player can switch between.


Weapon Frames

Research Weapon Frames

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