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Ada npc.png
Name Ada-1
Title Armor Synthesis
Race Exo
Gender Female
Location The Tower
Description Advanced Prototype Exo and warden of the Black Armory.

Ada-1 is the vendor for Armor Synthesis. During the Season of the Forge, she was the seasonal vendor, representing the Black Armory.


  • The Tower — at the western end of the Annex.


For her wares during the Season of the Forge, see Ada-1/Past Seasons.


Ada sells one Legendary armor set from the World Loot Pool each week. Each class has access to their equivalent of that set. The armor items' stat rolls are randomly determined at the beginning of the week. Their Power Level will be at the current Power floor, and they will be at the Masterwork base tier.

Material Exchange

Ada sells three shaders weekly. She also sells Upgrade Modules.


Each week, Ada sells three shaders, with one chosen from each category.

Category 1

Category 2

Category 3


The following table contains the pool of armor sets that Ada can currently sell from. Each week, she will sell one armor set. Each class will be able to purchase their version of that armor set, usually consisting of five pieces total.

Titan Hunter Warlock
Devastation Complex Suit Road Complex AA1 Suit High-Minded Complex Suit
Insight Unyielding Suit Insight Rover Suit Insight Vikti Suit
Kerak Type 2 Suit Errant Knight 1.0 Suit The Philomath Suit
Mimetic Savior Suit Red Moon Phantom Suit Thorium Holt Suit
Noble Constant Suit Frumious Suit Ego Talon Suit
Prodigal Suit Prodigal Suit Prodigal Suit
Retro-Grade TG2 Suit Dead End Cure Suit Heiro Camo Suit
Spoils of the Shore[note 1]
Ere the end icon1.jpg Ere the End (Titan Mark)
Mark of the colliders icon1.jpg Mark of the Colliders (Titan Mark)
Spoils of the Shore[note 1]
Airhead hood icon1.jpg Airhead Hood (Hunter Cloak)
Holeshot cloak icon1.jpg Holeshot Cloak (Hunter Cloak)
Spoils of the Shore[note 1]
Tethering void icon1.jpg Tethering Void (Warlock Bond)
The beyond icon1.jpg The Beyond (Warlock Bond)
Tangled Web Suit Tangled Web Suit Tangled Web Suit
Terra Concord Suit Icarus Drifter Suit Tesseract Trace IV Suit
  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 The Spoils of the Shore armor sets consist of only three items each, so two Class Items are also sold along with them.



Ada sells Armor Synthesis bounties that cost Glimmer1.png10,000 each. Bounties are grouped by the activity types in which they can be completed, with a random bounty from that category being obtained after purchasing it. A character can hold no more than one Threader bounty of each type at a time.

Completing a bounty rewards 100 of a Synthcord currency corresponding to the character's class. The player must then use the Loom near Ada-1 to convert the Synthcord into 1 class-specific Synthweave item (as well as a small amount of Glimmer1.pngGlimmer). The player can complete no more than 10 Threader bounties per class during a single season.


Patch History

      • Ada-1 now sells three shaders per week.[4]
      • Ada-1 no longer sells Armor Mods. Armor Mods are now either unlocked by default or unlocked through Guardian Ranks.
      • All standard Armor Mods have been unlocked for all players. This does not include mods obtained from raids or the Seasonal Artifact.[1][2]
        • All standard Armor Mods will appear when inserting mods into an armor item. However, mods that have not been obtained previously will not be unlocked in Collections. These mods can still be obtained from their original sources, such as Ada-1.[6]
  • 6.3.0[7]
    • Banshee-44 and Ada-1 now offer four mods at a time (Increased from two).


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