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Appearance Customization screen
Armor Synthesis is a system which allows players to turn collected armor appearances into ornaments.

It is unlocked by completing the Armor Synthesis Introduction and Tying It All Together quests.


Season of the Splicer introduced the Appearance Customization menu, where players can apply shaders and ornaments to their equipped armor set.

While browsing through ornaments, the player will see every appearance they have unlocked in collections. By consuming a class-appropriate Synthweave the player can turn one appearance into a universal ornament, which can be applied to any Legendary piece of armor for that slot. There are four types of Synthweave: Synthweave Plate is used by Titans, Synthweave Strap is used by Hunters, Synthweave Bolt is for Warlocks, and Synthweave Template can be used by any class. The player can hold no more than 15 Synthweaves for each class, but there is no restriction for the universal ones.

Material Acquisition

Armor Synthesis Materials
Hunter Sleek Synthcord icon.jpg Sleek Synthcord Synthweave Strap icon.jpg Synthweave Strap
Warlock Plush Synthcord icon.jpg Plush Synthcord Synthweave Bolt icon.jpg Synthweave Bolt
Titan Rigid Synthcord icon.jpg Rigid Synthcord Synthweave Plate icon.jpg Synthweave Plate
Universal Synthweave Template icon.jpg Synthweave Template

Synthweave is the requisite material to synthesize armor ornaments. A player may earn up to 10 Synthweave per class over the course of a single season. Synthweave earned is class-specific and nontransferable.

Synthweave is acquired through a 3-step process:

  1. Acquire an Armor Synthesis bounty from Ada for Glimmer1.png10,000.
  2. Complete the bounty to earn 100 Synthcord.
  3. Deposit 100 Synthcord into the Loom behind Ada to create 1 Synthweave.

Ada has a selection of 5 bounties to choose from, each with their own theme:

  1. Crucible Threader
  2. Destination Threader
  3. Gambit Threader
  4. Raid/Dungeon Threader
  5. Vanguard Threader

Additionally, Synthweave Template icon.jpg Synthweave Templates can be bought at the Eververse for Silver1.pngSilver. These Synthweave Templates have no inventory cap and are class agnostic. One Template is sold for Silver1.png300, a package of five Templates is sold for Silver1.png1000.


Armor ornaments can be created from most armor appearances except for Exotic armor. Universal armor ornaments can be applied only to Legendary armor pieces.

Due to technical constraints, some armor ornaments cannot be used universally, but can still be applied to their associated pieces of armor. These exceptions include:

  • On the Offense Set
  • Take Shelter Set
  • Xenos Shore Set
  • Steadfast Set
  • Ankaa Friend Set
  • Phoenix Battle Set
  • Soaring Sword Set
  • Fire-Forged Set
  • Iron Pledge Set
  • Warmind Iron Banner Set
  • Extinction Orbit Set
  • Sovereign Lion Set
  • War Simulator Set
  • Arach's Chosen Set
  • Executor's Will Set
  • Superior's Vision Set
  • Eater of Worlds Ornament Set
  • Praetorian Ornament Set
  • Trials of the Nine Ornament Set
  • Prestige Trials of the Nine Ornament Set

Patch History

  • 3.3.0
- Synthstrand is no longer used to purchase Armor Synthesis bounties from Ada-1.
- Armor Synthesis bounties will now cost 10,000 Glimmer each, and Synthstrand will no longer drop in game.
- All remaining Synthstrand in inventories can be safely dismantled, as it will no longer be used for any system in the future.