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Season of Defiance is the 20th Season in Destiny 2. It takes place from February 28, 2023, to May 22, 2023. Its launch coincides with the release of the Lightfall expansion.


Defy Our End

In the aftermath of the attack on the Traveler, the Vanguard calls upon its closest allies. Guardians must master the righteous powers of the Awoken to stand against the encroaching Shadow Legion and prove themselves as Queensguard.[1]


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February 2023

March 2023

  • March 10: The Root of Nightmares raid releases at 9am PST, requiring the Lightfall expansion to access. Contest mode will be available for 48 hours, until 10am PDT on March 12.[3][4][5][6]
  • March 17: Trials of Osiris becomes available.[7][8]
  • March 21: First Iron Banner week of the season begins, featuring Control.[7][8][9]
  • March 28: Master difficulty and weekly encounter challenges become available in the Root of Nightmares raid.[10]

April 2023

  • April 4: Second Iron Banner week of the season begins, featuring Eruption.[7][9]
  • April 11: Grandmaster Nightfalls become available.[7]
  • April 25: Third and final Iron Banner week of the season begins, featuring Fortress.[7][9]

May 2023

Seasonal content



Ghost Shells







Transmat Effects

Weapon Ornaments

Armor Ornaments




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