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Nimbus vendor screen background.jpg
Name Nimbus
Title Cloud Strider
Race Human
Gender Non-binary
Location Neomuna
Description The latest recruit in a long line of cybernetically enhanced protectors of Neomuna.

Nimbus is the main vendor of Neomuna, found on Neptune.


Weekly Challenges

Nimbus's challenge becomes available after completing the Lightfall campaign.

Name Description Objectives Rewards
Nimbus's Challenge Gain reputation with Nimbus.
  • Reputation gained: 2,000


The player meets Nimbus after completing the First Contact story mission. They guide the player through the Lightfall campaign.

Neomuna Rank

Complete bounties, patrols, public events, Lost Sectors, Terminal Overload runs, replayable campaign missions, Partition activities, secrets, and open chests in Neomuna to increase your Neomuna rank and earn rewards.

The player can increase their rank with Nimbus by completing activities in Neomuna. This includes bounties purchased from Nimbus, patrols, Public Events, Lost Sectors, Terminal Overload, replayable Lightfall campaign missions, Partition missions, Action Figures and Apogee Repeaters found, Cloud Accretion collected, and chests opened in Neomuna.


Until rank 30, it takes 750 Neomuna reputation points for the player to increase their rank level by 1. After reaching rank 30, each rank level requires 1,500 points to earn.

Rank Number Rank Name Total Points Needed
1-8 Tourist 0
9-17 Neptune's Ally 6,000
18-29 Protector of Neomuna 12,750
30+ Honorary Cloud Strider 21,750


The following is a list of the Neomuna reputation rewarded from various activities.

Activity Reputation Gained
Supernumerary Blitz (Vex Strike Force) success (all Minotaur bosses killed) 500
Supernumerary Blitz (Vex Strike Force) failure (time runs out) 250
Terminal Overload Stage 3 Key chest opened 225
Weekly Story Mission completion (Master difficulty) 225
Weekly Story Mission completion (Legend difficulty) 190
Action Figure collected 150
Partition mission completion (with or without Polymorphic Shellcode icon.jpg Polymorphic Shellcode) 150
Weekly Story Mission completion (Hero difficulty) 150
Heroic Public Event completion 120
Apogee Repeater collected 100
Region Chest opened 100
Terminal Overload Stage 3 normal chest opened 100
Heroic patrol completion 80
Lost Sector completion (any difficulty) 50
Normal patrol completion 40
Cloud Accretion collected 20
Destination chest opened 20
Terminal Overload Stage 1 or 2 boss chest opened 20
High-Value Target chest opened 0

Rank Rewards

Rewards can be obtained when certain ranks are reached. Armor items can be claimed once per character, allowing the player to obtain a full set of armor from Nimbus for each class.

Neomuna Engrams are rewarded at every rank increase. They will reward Neomuna gear that is unlocked in Collections, or weapons from the World Loot Pool. After unlocking the text-center Neomuna Engram Upgrade at Rank 30 and claiming all previous engrams, Neomuna Engrams will contain previously acquired Neomuna weapons (excluding those obtained from Terminal Overload).

Every Rank Legendary engram icon1.png Neomuna Engram
Rank 2 Thunderhead greaves icon1.jpg Thunderhead Greaves (Titan)
Thunderhead strides icon1.jpg Thunderhead Strides (Hunter)
Thunderhead boots icon1.jpg Thunderhead Boots (Warlock)
Rank 3 5 Upgrade Module.jpg Upgrade Modules
Rank 4 Thunderhead gauntlets icon1.jpg Thunderhead Gauntlets (Titan)
Thunderhead grips icon1.jpg Thunderhead Grips (Hunter)
Thunderhead gloves icon1.jpg Thunderhead Gloves (Warlock)
Rank 5 Thunderhead plate icon1.jpg Thunderhead Plate (Titan)
Thunderhead vest icon1.jpg Thunderhead Vest (Hunter)
Thunderhead robes icon1.jpg Thunderhead Robes (Warlock)
Rank 7 5 text-center Enhancement Cores
Rank 9 Thunderhead mark icon1.jpg Thunderhead Mark (Titan)
Thunderhead cloak icon1.jpg Thunderhead Cloak (Hunter)
Thunderhead bond icon1.jpg Thunderhead Bond (Warlock)
Hidden Rewards
Rank 11 text-center Unlock Additional Landing Zones
Rank 13 text-center Terminal Overload Key Bounty
Rank 15 text-center Upgrade Terminal Overload Key Chest
Rank 18 200 Strand Meditations icon.jpg Strand Meditations
1 Terminal Overload Key icon.jpg Terminal Overload Key
Rank 21 text-center Collectible Locator
Rank 24 Scintillant trajectory icon1.jpg Scintillant Trajectory (Shader)
Rank 27 Thunderhead helm icon1.jpg Thunderhead Helm (Titan)
Thunderhead mask icon1.jpg Thunderhead Mask (Hunter)
Thunderhead cover icon1.jpg Thunderhead Cover (Warlock)
Rank 30 text-center Neomuna Engram Upgrade

The rewards from rank 11 to 30 are initially hidden, and are revealed after the Lightfall campaign is completed. While hidden, they use the following icon, name, and description:

Nimbus Hidden Reward icon.png Hidden
A reward that Nimbus is not yet ready to reveal.


Neomuna-related upgrades can be unlocked as rewards by increasing rank with Nimbus.

Rank 11

Nimbus Unlock Additional Landing Zones icon.jpg Unlock Additional Landing Zones
Gain access to landing zones in Límíng Harbor and the Hall of Heroes. Also gain access to a direct landing zone for Terminal Overload.

This upgrade adds permanent landing zones at Límíng Harbor and the Hall of Heroes. It also adds a landing zone for the Terminal Overload Public Event, which rotates its location daily between Zephyr Concourse, Ahimsa Park, and Límíng Harbor, in that order.

Rank 13

Nimbus Terminal Overload Key Bounty icon.jpg Terminal Overload Key Bounty
Unlocks a new daily bounty from Nimbus. The bounty will award a guaranteed Terminal Overload Key.

This upgrade unlocks the ability to purchase the daily Terminal Overload bounty sold by Nimbus. The From Zero... quest must be acquired before Nimbus's bounties can be purchased.

Rank 15

Nimbus Upgrade Terminal Overload Key Chest icon.jpg Upgrade Terminal Overload Key Chest
Guarantees a unique Terminal Overload weapon will drop from the Terminal Overload Key Chest every time it is opened.

This upgrade guarantees that the current Terminal Overload sector's unique weapon will drop when opening the Terminal Overload Key icon.jpg Terminal Overload Key chest after completing Stage 3 of the event.

Rank 21

Nimbus Collectible Locator icon.jpg Collectible Locator
Displays a waypoint when near a collectible item in Neomuna.

This upgrade displays a waypoint when the player is near an Action Figure or an Apogee Repeater.

Rank 30

Nimbus Neomuna Engram Upgrade icon.jpg Neomuna Engram Upgrade
Increased rewards from Neomuna Engrams. Each Neomuna Engram will contain:
Neomuna weapon (Already Acquired)

This upgrade causes each Neomuna Engram obtained after Rank 30 to reward a Neomuna weapon that the player has acquired in Collections (excluding the Terminal Overload weapons). These weapons can drop with Deepsight Resonance. Neomuna Engrams will no longer drop armor or World Loot Pool weapons.

Legendary Campaign Rewards

Nimbus gives the player a set of rewards for completing the Lightfall campaign on Legendary difficulty:



Nimbus sells a weekly bounty for text-center1,000. It rewards XP++ and a Polymorphic Shellcode, allowing the player to access the weekly Partition mission. The player must complete the Lightfall campaign, as well as the Bluejay quest from Quinn Laghari, to be able to purchase this bounty.


Nimbus sells 4 Neomuna daily bounties for text-center250 each, randomly chosen from each category. They each reward XP+ and 50 Neomuna Rank. The player must first acquire the From Zero... quest before they can purchase daily bounties from Nimbus.

Category 1

Nimbus sells 2 bounties from this category daily.

Category 2

Nimbus sells 1 bounty from this category daily.

Terminal Overload Bounties

Nimbus sells 1 bounty from this category daily. They each reward a Terminal Overload Key icon.jpg Terminal Overload Key, XP+, and 50 Neomuna Rank. The player must reach Rank 13 with Nimbus and unlock the text-center Terminal Overload Key Bounty upgrade in order to purchase these bounties.


Nimbus offers repeatable Neomuna bounties for text-center3,000 each. They each reward XP and 20 Neomuna Rank.