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Patrols or Patrol Missions are PvE activities located in the worlds you visit throughout the game. In an open world setting, you will be able to explore and find activities scattered across the map.

Patrols are small PvE events that reward the players with various resources. They are much shorter than other PvE events and are usually self-contained in nature.

In order to start a Patrol mission, Guardians must locate a Patrol beacon in one of the zones they are exploring. Interacting with it will start the mission linked to that specific Patrol. Each Sector can have up to nine Patrol beacons, but not all of them may be active at the same time.

Completing a Patrol will make a Loot Cache spawn in the Sector. It will be marked on the map, so players can simply walk up to it and open it.

Unlocking Patrols

In order to unlock Patrols, players need to complete the all Story Missions on Io. Once that is done, Guardians can go to The Farm and speak to Cayde-6.

Cayde will give players a mission that will introduce players to the Patrols and how they work in general. Once that mission is complete, all Patrols in all locations are unlocked and can be completed, assuming their beacons are active.

Patrol Types

Currently, there are five types of Patrol missions. All Patrols of a given type follow the same framework. However, not all Sectors will feature all different Patrol types.


This Patrol type will task players with finding and eliminating a specific enemy. These enemies are usually Raid bosses, located in the same or adjacent Sector. They are usually accompanied by other foes of the same faction. For example, a Fallen Captain could have Vandal or Shank bodyguards.

Completing the Assassination would be relatively straightforward, however, at lower levels, some Sub-Bosses may prove to be a challenge.


This Patrol type involves hunting down specific enemy types and collecting special items they will drop. Usually, the designated enemies are members of the dominant faction in the Sector. For example, in Trostland, this Patrol type would most likely have players hunt down Fallen.

Not every enemy of the type will drop the required item, however. Also, the enemy types and the number of items needed to finish the mission will be random each time.


This Patrol type will have Guardians kill enemies of a specific type. There is nothing special about it. Players will just have to hunt down those specific enemies and kill any of them they encounter, until the progress reaches 100%.


This Patrol type is usually pretty quick to complete.

It will task Guardians with traveling to a specific location in an adjacent Sector. Once there, players will have to eliminate any immediate threats and scan a designated object to complete the mission.


This Patrol type will send players to another Sector of the same zone. Usually, it is an adjacent one, but in rare cases, it may not be.

There, Guardians will have to survey a specific location. This is done by standing near the objective marker and staying alive. There may or may not be enemies in the immediate vicinity.

Once the survey progress reaches 100%, the mission is complete.

Patrol Availability

There are 95 different Patrols in Destiny 2 right now. This does not include variations of the Patrol missions, only the base types.

The tables below show how many total Patrol beacons can be found in each Sector, including the different variations.


Sector Patrol Beacons
Outskirts 9
Trostland 8
The Sludge 8
The Gulch 7
Winding Cove 5
Firebase Hades 8
Sunken Isles 7


Sector Patrol Beacons
Siren's Watch 7
The Rig 9


Sector Patrol Beacons
Artifact's Edge 4
The Tangle 11
Watcher's Grave 7
The Cistern 9
Hallows 7
Glade of Echoes 5
Exodus Black 7


Sector Patrol Beacons
Lost Oasis 6
Giant's Scar 9
The Rupture 8