The Rig

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The Rig
Location Titan
Zone New Pacific Arcology
Landing Zone Yes
Adventures Siren Song, Bad Neighbors, Deathless
Lost Sectors Cargo Bay 3, DS Quarters-2
Fallen Enemy Groups 3
Hive Enemy Groups 4
Chests Yes
Material Nodes Yes
Patrol Beacons 9
Public Events Witches' Ritual, Weapons Exchange
Secret Public Events High-Value Target, Fallen Incursion, Skirmish
Region Chests 3
Scannable Objects 5
Connections Siren's Watch, Tidal Anchor, Solarium
The Rig is a Sector in New Pacific Arcology, Titan.

Points of Interest


  • Exit to Siren's Watch: The way to Siren's Watch goes through a couple of towers on the western side of this Sector. They are labeled as "01" and "02" and are visible from just about any point in the Sector.
  • Exit to Tidal Anchor: On the southern end of this Sector, players will find a bridge that runs between The Rig and Tidal Anchor.
  • Exit to Solarium: There is a ruined bridge on the eastern end of the Sector. Players will have to jump over the gaps in it, in order to reach the Solarium Sector.
  • Hive Chamber: The central chamber in this sector is completely under Hive control. It is also the location where the Witches' Ritual Public Event occurs. With or without the Public Event active, this chamber is pretty dangerous to enter alone. However, it does feature entrances from all four directions, scannable objects to find, and access to a Lost Sector.
  • West Junction: Just east of the exit to Siren's Watch, there is a big T-junction. The three roads head west (to Siren's Watch), northeast (towards a Lost Sector and the northern portion of The Rig), and southwest (towards Tidal Anchor).
  • North Thoroughfare: This covered deck runs across the northern portion of the Sector. Around it, players can find the entrances to both Lost Sectors and a region chest.
  • Computer Room: Located in the southwestern corner of the Sector, this two-floor computer room holds a scannable object, as well as a cluster of Hive enemies.
  • Upper Deck Platform: This platform in the northeastern corner provides good cover from enemy fire. Also, just below it, players can find the entrance to a Lost Sector and a region chest.
  • Northeast Courtyard: This is an open area in the northeastern portion of the Sector. Usually, players can find both Hive and Fallen in this area, that will be fighting each other. The North Thoroughfare connects to this area from the west, while to the east, Guardians can find the bridge that leads to Solarium.
  • Control Room: If you are looking for some additional enemies to kill, head to the eastern edge of the Sector. There, players can find a control room just south of the exit to Solarium. It is controlled by the Hive and there will be some Acolytes and a Knight to neutralize.
  • Low Gantry Vats: Continuing south of the Northeast Courtyard, players will come across some cylindrical vats that can be used to traverse the edge of the Sector faster. Those who venture there should also keep their eyes open for Fallen enemies.

Lost Sectors

  • Cargo Bay 3: This Lost Sector can be found below the Upper Deck Platform. It features a single room full of Hive enemies, including a Sub-Boss Ogre. Defeating the Sub-Boss will grant players a Boss Chest.
  • DS Quarters-2: This Lost Sector can be entered from the northern part of the Hive Chamber interior. It consists of three rooms, where each is linked to the other two. All of them are overrun by Hive forces, but the priority target must be the Sub-Boss Knight. Killing it will reward you with a Boss Chest.


  • Siren Song: The marker for this Adventure can be found near the western end of the North Thoroughfare.
  • Bad Neighbors: At the eastern end of the North Thoroughfare, there is an Adventure beacon. It is located on the upper level, by the cluster of fuel tanks.
  • Deathless: Begin this adventure from the be acon just before the Exit to Solarium.

Public Events



Region Chests

  • In the northern end of the Upper Deck Platform, there are some stacked cargo containers. Look for a red one in a group of three (red and white container, with another white one on top and across them). The region chest is on top of that red container.
  • There is a region chest directly below the Upper Deck Platform, through the entrance to the Cargo Bay 3 Lost Sector.
  • In the southwestern corner of the Sector, there is a region chest on top of a small hut. It is just south of the Control Room in the area.

Scannable Objects

  • On the northern edge of the Sector, there is a cargo container that is open on both sides. Inside it, there is a scannable object.
  • Just above the Adventure beacon for Deathless, there is a platform. On top of it, among the Hive secretion, players can find a scannable object.
  • Inside the computer room in the southwestern corner of the Sector, there is a scannable object.
  • Inside the Hive Chamber, just southeast of the entrance to the Lost Sector, there is a wall terminal that is a scannable object.
  • At the entrance of the Hive Chamber, opposite the Exit to Tidal Anchor, there is a metal ball that is a scannable object.


  • Various groups of Hive and Fallen enemies can be found all over the Sector.
  • The main Hive forces can be encountered in the Hive CHamber, where a Public Event also takes place, spawning even more enemies.

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