Siren Song

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Siren Song
Type Adventures
Number 03
Location The Rig, Titan
Recommended Power 70
Description Disrupt a Hive ritual to keep The Rig from sinking.
Enemy Types Hive
Prerequisite Completion of Story Mission Utopia.
Previous Bad Neighbors
Next Deathless
Items Songbreaker Gauntlets/Grips/Gloves,

Rare Gear

Siren Song is an Adventure in Titan.


Recommended Power: 70

Equipment Recommendations:

  • You will mostly be fighting Hive troops on this Adventure. Bring a solid source of Solar damage.


Beginning this adventure, you will have to find the source of some gravity waves. You will be presented with three likely points of origin, two of which will be indoors. Those will have some Hive enemies guarding them. The third will be outside and it will be surrounded by Fallen. You will have to investigate all three locations to advance this Adventure.

Once you are done with these three locations, your objective will update. Follow the marker into Solarium and deep into Hive territory. The marker will lead you to a group of Hive involved in some kind of a ritual around a shrine.

Your objective will be to destroy the shrine. Before you do so, make sure to eliminate all enemies on site, because destroying the shrine will trigger a Hive response that will spawn additional targets.

The Hive retaliation strike will come in the form of a Ritual Hierarch and a group of Thralls. Deal with the Thralls first, then focus on the Hierarch. He is basically a toughened up Wizard, so expect the same behavior. Be quick in eliminating him, however, because he will keep summoning Thralls throughout the fight.

The first shrine is down, but you have more work to do. Fight your way towards the objective marker and into Arboretum. Eventually, you will come across a second shrine. Repeat the process - eliminate all threats, destroy the shrine, deal with the retaliating Ritual Hierarch.

A third shrine will be marked as an objective once you're done with the second. Get to it and employ the same tactics as with the previous two. Keep in mind that the Hive response will be heavier this time and you will have to drop some extra enemies before the Hierarch spawns.

Once all three shrines are dealt with, your objective will lead you deeper into Arboretum. On the way there, you will be assaulted by some Cursed Thralls, so keep your eyes open and be quick on your feet to dodge their explosions.

When you reach the room which holds your objective, stop. Look around and eliminate all threats before going anywhere near the marked crystal. When you finally approach it, Arboretum will become a Restricted Zone and the final encounter will be triggered.

The first wave of enemies will consist of Thralls and Acolytes. A Wizard will also spawn a bit later, so make use of your motion tracker and don't get caught off guard. Use whatever cover you can find and deal with the lesser foes first before focusing on the Wizard.

The next two waves will consist of Cursed Thralls and Knights, as well as some late-for-the-party Wizards. Employ the same tactics and leave the Wizards for last.

Clear the area of any hostiles, then approach the crystal and place a beacon in the marked area. This will complete the Adventure.