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Type Story Mission
Number 8
Location Festering Halls, Titan
Level 5
Recommended Power 60
Description Venture deep into the heart of the Hive to retrieve a powerful Golden Age CPU---and make it out alive.
Enemy Types Hive, Fallen
Prerequisite Completion of Story Mission Riptide.
Previous Riptide (Mission)
Next Looped

Utopia is a Story Mission of The Red War Campaign. Upon completion of the previous mission Riptide, this mission's flag appears after the player has talked to Sloane and claimed an Exotic Armor piece for their class (if at least one of the options isn't already in the account collection) or a 100-Defense Level-6-required Rare Armor piece (if all exotic options are already in the account collection). It is in the eastern extremity of The Rig.


You begin the mission at the location of the mission flag - cross the ruined bridge that goes from The Rig to Solarium. Notice a yellow vehicle marked as KM 632 buried in debris as you head up the stairs to the platforms that will lead you into the Solarium proper - it will make another appearance later on in the mission. On the way there, you will have to take out some Dregs, Vandals, and a Servitor. Focus on the Servitor first to keep it from protecting the rest of the group. Next up, take out a couple of Dregs as you turn right and look for the Servitor near the LED wall. Eliminate said Servitor and shoot through the spot in the colored wall where the Fallen units were trying to break through. The spot to shoot will be marked with slightly different colors than the rest of the panels.

Next up, listen to the public announcement system of the New Pacific Arcology as you look for your objective marker to find the console you need to interact with. Then, head through the turnstile into the Festering Halls. Keep in mind that the Festering Halls will be a Restricted Zone for the duration of this mission.

Find the marked terminal and let Ghost interact with it. Then, proceed through the door that will open and down into a dark forecourt. You will come across some Hive nests and about a dozen Thralls. Deal with them however you want, then go up the wide staircase.

You will come across three Acolytes, a Knight, and a Revenant Acolyte holding the spread-fire weapon usually wielded by Knights. Revenant Hive units are Elite versions of the normal units, possessing more health than normal and always dropping Power Weapon ammo when killed. It shouldn't take more than a couple of headshots to drop the Revenant Acolyte. You may want to sprint through the Hive shots to the far left side of this area. This should get you on the same height as your enemies. However, the high-ground advantage doesn't matter much, since the encounter is not a hard one.

With these enemies done with, you should prepare your favorite Solar Energy Weapon. Proceeding in the next area, you will be met by a couple Acolytes and a Wizard. Take the Wizard out first. With a few well-placed shots, his shield should explode and you can then pepper him with your Kinetic weapon of choice.

In order to proceed, you will have to drop through the hole in the floor, into a corridor with a Knight on the far end. While dealing with the Knight, don't go too far forward or you may trigger the next encounter a bit early. Try to take him out from near the position you dropped to.

With him down, you need to proceed to an orange-glowing corridor. There you will find some Thralls (about ten of them, give or take) and a Shrieker. Take cover from the Shrieker and deal with the Thralls first to avoid getting swarmed. Then, focus on the turret and aim for its Void core. Do not hesitate to back up and take cover if you need to regenerate some health. If new Thralls arrive during the fight, prioritize them and take cover from the Shrieker's fire while you drop them all.

Next up, take a right at where the Shrieker once floated. Before you drop down into the next area, see if you can pick off some Acolytes while you have the high ground. Then, go down and push forward. Look out for a couple of Cursed Thralls on your right. Shoot them from a safe distance and continue onwards, just to find four more Acolytes, guarding a ramp. Take the Acolytes out, then head up the ramp and deal with the three Knights there.

Try not to use your Super, because you will need it in a bit. Instead, stick to cover and stay mobile while aiming for precision damage spots (the heads on most Hive units, including Knights). Stay clear of the Knights' line of fire or you're in for a world of hurt.

Next up, make sure all your weapons and abilities are reloaded before you drop down to the corridor behind where the Knights were. Once you jump down, you will be attacked by your first Elite Ogre, Garmurg, and its Thralls. There will be four to six Thralls, so deal with them first to give yourself some breathing room. Then, strafe behind the pillars around you to stay behind cover and aim for the Ogre's glowing head in an attempt to interrupt its eye laser. It shouldn't take too long before it drops, but if you find the battle difficult, you can make use of some of your abilities and maybe even a Super if things get hairy.

You could also just ignore the Ogre and drop down through the shaft it climbed out of, but where's the fun in that?

Dropping down the shaft, you're aiming to land in front of a door on the far side, near the bottom. Make sure to double-jump just before you land to avoid fall damage. Then, proceed through the corridor to a nearly identical drop. Use the same strategy. The next jump is a bit trickier, so don't rush it. Instead of going straight in, move around the edge of the shaft and look down. Your target is on the same side you originally came from, just a bit lower.

With the third drop successfully completed, proceed through a maintenance corridor up ahead. Shoot the Hive matter blocking your way down, then drop into another maintenance corridor. At the far end of it, you will find an air vent grate. Destroy it (you can use your melee attack to save a bit of ammo) and proceed through the vents. When the lights turn from orange to blue, you will be assaulted by some Thralls, so be ready for them. Then, continue forward, jumping down what appears to be a chasm to a new waterlogged corridor. Fight your way through the Hive forces that will attack your position, then destroy the Hive matter blocking your way.

Proceed through the tunnel the Hive dug out to reach a second set of air vents. Keep following them and dropping down to a pipe duct leading to an open grate on the floor.

As you approach the opening in the floor within the open-grate passage, one of the grates will fall out from beneath you, and you will land in the Festering Halls core chamber. Watch out for the drop below you, as it's effectively bottomless and it will kill you. Carefully double-jump to the CPU on the center platform and take it.

Once you do this, all alarms will activate and the Hive will assault your position. You can't use your normal weapons while carrying the core, so just sprint towards the circular door instead. If needed, you can use melee attacks while holding the CPU using either the Fire or Melee Attack functions.

With the Hive on your tail, you will come across several yellow vehicles just like the one you saw at the beginning of the mission. Hop into one and charge through the Hive matter blocking the exit at the far end of the chamber. Then, just keep following the path forward, mowing down the Hive as you go. Don't bother with destroying all of them or you risk your vehicle taking too much damage. Instead, focus on maneuvering the vehicle through the narrow passageways.

Reach the center of the Arcology in one piece and Amanda Holliday will be there to pick you up. This will end the mission and trigger the next story cinematic.



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