Amanda Holliday

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Amanda Holliday
Amanda Holiday.PNG
Name Amanda Holliday
Title Chief Shipwright
Race Human
Gender Female
Location The Tower
Description Shipwright to the Tower, Amanda Holliday runs the Hangar like a finely tuned engine.

Amanda Holliday is an NPC and Vendor that can be found within The Tower at any time. Since Amanda Holliday is considered a Shipwright, it should come as no surprise that Amanda Holliday is there to sell the player a number of different Ships, as well as Sparrows for those of you who are out there looking for a new upgrade for either of these transports.


Amanda Holliday can only be located in one location throughout the game:

  • The Tower – Amanda Holliday can be found inside of the Tower hangar, of which is right next to Cayde-6 and his location in the Tower.

Ships and Vehicles

Being the Shipwright of Destiny 2, Amanda Holliday primarily sells to the player both Ships and Sparrows.

  • Ship – Despite selling these to you, Amanda Holliday doesn’t sell particularly high-tier ships and acts as little more than an improvement to the starting ship that you have from the beginning.
  • Sparrow – Similar to the Ships she sells, these Sparrows don’t improve too much on the very first Sparrow you get in Destiny 2 and these ones act as nothing more than a slight improvement on any player’s very first Sparrow. (Athena Victorious, though it has a Standard Drive (140 speed) and not a Tuned Drive (150 speed), can generate with the same random Sparrow Mods as Sparrows from Bright Engrams and Tess Everis.)

Other Goods

If a player happens to collect three copies of a particular Rare Transmat Effect, they can be traded in to Amanda for a single random Legendary Transmat Effect. (Source: a comment in a post on )

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