Master Rahool

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Master Rahool
Master Rahool.PNG
Name Master Rahool
Title Cryptarch
Race Awoken
Gender Male
Location The Tower
Description A senior representative of the Cryptarchy, Master Rahool decodes engrams and seeks the treasures of humanity's past.

Master Rahool is the Cryptarch vendor.


He can be found in the Tower Courtyard, to the right of the landing zone.


Master Rahool offers a variety of minor services.

Engram Purchases

Rahool sells Legendary Engrams with gear of the lowest possible Power level, which can be raised through Infusion if the player get an item they want to use.

Decrypt Engrams

While players decrypt most of the engrams they find on their own, only Cryptarchs can open Prime Engrams. Some Legendary Engrams from the Leviathan raids can also be decrypted only by Rahool.

Special Offers

When the player is eligible for special rewards, such as pre-order cosmetics, they can acquire these from Master Rahool.

Shader Recycling

If the player has a stack of at least 5 Shaders in their inventory, they can bring them to Rahool for bulk dismantling.

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