Exotic Cipher

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Exotic Cipher
Exotic Cipher icon.jpg
Type Currency
Rarity Exotic
Description Present this to Xûr or the Monument to Lost Lights to receive a reward.

Historical data preserved as luminous matter. Valuable to those who study humanity's past.
Source Complete the "Xenology" quest from Xûr. (There is also a single Exotic Cipher in the Season Pass free reward track.)

Exotic Cipher is an Exotic Currency. It has a maximum capacity of 5.


This item is a reward for completing Xûr's weekly quest, Xenology. However, the quest cannot be obtained if the player has already claimed a Cipher from Xûr in the same weekend. Completing the quest in a single weekend and then claiming the Cipher before Xûr leaves will allow the player to acquire the quest from him again in the following week.

Each Season, there is also a single Exotic Cipher in the Season Pass free reward track.


Patch History

  • 7.1.0[1]
    • UNLISTED: Increased Exotic Cipher capacity from 1 to 5.


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