Monument to Lost Lights

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Monument to Lost Lights
Monument to Lost Lights.jpg
Name Monument to Lost Lights
Title Exotic Archive
Location The Tower
Description Built in honor of those who sacrificed their Light to defend humanity. Created in collaboration with Cryptarchs to help Guardians manage armaments.

The Monument to Lost Lights is a terminal where players can buy Exotic and pinnacle weapons whose original sources were removed from the game.


The Exotic Archive is located in the Tower Courtyard, on a wall with the Vault terminals.


Red War Exotics

Forsaken Exotics

Shadowkeep Exotics

Beyond Light Exotics

Legacy Gear


Crucible Weapons

Gambit Weapons

Vanguard Weapons


  • Despite being released in Year 2, Outbreak Perfected is listed among Red War Exotics.

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