Spoils of Conquest

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Spoils of Conquest
Spoils of conquest icon1.jpg
Type Consumable
Rarity Legendary
Description The Spoils of Conquest can be used to unlock loot caches within raids.
Source Raids

Spoils of Conquest is a Consumable Item.


This item can be obtained in raids.

Each encounter in Last Wish and Garden of Salvation rewards 3 Spoils of Conquest. Each Deep Stone Crypt encounter rewards 5 Spoils. These rewards are not affected by the weekly loot lockout, the player will receive them each time they complete an encounter. The two hidden chests in the Deep Stone Crypt reward 10 Spoils of Conquest each, once a week on a character.


This item is used to buy Deep Stone Crypt loot at the Cache of the Crypt, which can be interacted with after completing the raid's final encounter. The player can buy new rolls for weapon and armor they already obtained in the raid for 20 Spoils for each piece of gear, and get another random reward from a certain encounter for 60 Spoils of Conquest. Eyes of tomorrow icon1.jpg Eyes of Tomorrow cannot be bought from the Cache.

Spoils of Conquest are also used to buy certain Exotics from Vaulted raids at the Monument to Lost Lights vendor.