Forsaken Cipher

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Forsaken Cipher
Forsaken Cipher icon.jpg
Type Currency
Rarity Exotic
Description Present this to the Monument of Lost Lights to receive a reward.
Source Redeemed at Monument to Lost Lights. Player must have owned Forsaken prior to this item.

Forsaken Cipher is a Currency Consumable.


3 Forsaken Ciphers are given to players who purchase the Forsaken Pack. The Forsaken Pack was also granted for free to players who purchased the Forsaken expansion prior to Version 3.4.0, concurrently as the Forsaken campaign was made free to play.[1]


This item is used to buy unacquired Forsaken Exotic Weapons at the Monument to Lost Lights kiosk in the Tower. While the player holds ciphers, weapons in the Forsaken tab can be bought for 1 Forsaken Cipher at no additional cost. However, the raid weapons, Anarchy and Tarrabah, still maintain their Spoils of Conquest cost.

If all Forsaken Exotic weapons have been purchased from the kiosk, the Ciphers can each be exchanged for an Ascendant Shard.