The Fourth Horseman

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The Fourth Horseman
The fourth horseman icon1.jpg
Season 10
Type Shotgun
Slot Energy
Ammo Special
Rarity Exotic
Damage Type Arc
Description It's not a holdout weapon; it's a pathfinder.
Impact 80
Range 30
Stability 27
Handling 35
Reload Speed 42
Rounds Per Minute 100
Magazine 4
Zoom 12
Inventory Size 0
Aim Assistance 39
Recoil 63
Bounce Intensity 37
Bounce Direction Tends Right
Enter the vault icon1.jpg In Rides a Pale Horse
Not available anymore.
Exotic Archive icon.png Monument to Lost Lights
Shadowkeep Exotics.
The Fourth Horseman PvP Stats

The Fourth Horseman is an Exotic Shotgun.

Perks - Curated Roll


  • Thunderer icon1.png Thunderer - This weapon's rate of fire is increased significantly, and fires full auto.

Sight / Barrel

  • Arrowhead brake icon1.png Arrowhead Brake - Lightly vented barrel.
    • Greatly controls Recoil.
    • Increases Handling Speed.

Magazine / Battery

  • Assault mag icon1.png Assault Mag - This shotgun's magazine is optimized for quick combat.
    • Greatly increases Stability.
    • Increases Rate of Fire.

Trait 1

  • Broadside icon1.png Broadside - Each successive shot has more damage and more spread.

Trait 2

  • Fitted stock icon1.png Fitted Stock - This stock makes the weapon stable but heavy.
    • Increases Stability.
    • Improves recoil direction.
    • Slightly decreases Handling Speed.


The Fourth Horseman Catalyst can be obtained in Seraph Bunkers, Seraph Tower, or in Legendary Lost Sectors. To unlock its upgrade, the player has to defeat enemies with this weapon.

The Catalyst adds the And its name was Death perk to this weapon and Masterworks it.


"There's a reason the Cabal want to take this weapon from us.

"When you hold the Fourth Horseman in your hands, you bring the storm. You instill fear by commanding the thunder and firing off rounds with lightning speed. Tear through your enemies like light piercing through clouds after the rain subsides.

"You are a force of nature. Unstoppable. Unpredictable. Undeniable.

"Don't forget what the Fourth Horseman brings, after all."

—Commander Zavala


The Fourth Horseman1.jpg

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