Seraph Tower

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Seraph Tower
Seraph Tower event.jpg
Enemy Types Fallen, Cabal, Hive
Bosses Champions
Objective Use Polarity Charges to feed energy to the Seraph Tower to print ordnance satellites.
Description Rasputin's defenses expand, but require direct physical integration. Brave hordes of enemies while charging Rasputin's Seraph Tower.

Seraph Tower is a Public Event added in the Season of the Worthy. Its recommended Power Level is 980, and it has no Heroic version, although it was updated and made harder on April, 22.


Players can participate in this event in three locations: Winding Cove in EDZ, Anchor of Light on the Moon and the Rupture on Io. This event has to be activated by a player, which can be done at any time, but there is a short cooldown after it was completed.

Once activated, the Seraph Tower rises from the ground along with one of the three Support Towers surrounding it, and enemies begin to spawn. The players have to protect the currently active Support Tower and make sure that no enemies stand in the square around it when the Tower is charging. If the Support Tower is charged successfully, it spawns 6 Polarity Charges. If there is at least one enemy near the tower, it spawns only 2 Charges.

A glowing orange ball appears at the top of the Support Tower, the players have to throw Polarity Charges at this ball to make it move toward the Seraph Tower. Once the ball is in the Seraph Tower, the Support Tower it came from folds back into the ground and the next one rises. This cycle has to be repeated until the players complete the first objective and a couple of Champions arrive, which have to be defeated to complete the event and receive the reward.

In the updated version, the players have to protect two Support Towers at the same time, and defeat three Champions instead of two.

There are two reward chests, one of them contains some Warmind Bits and Legendary or Rare gear. The other one has to be unlocked using an Encrypted Warmind Bit, and contains Legendary gear and Warmind Cell Mods.

Players that have invested in respective Seraph Bunker upgrades can use Valkyrie javelins and summon Heavy Frames during this event.

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